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Anonymous Submitted:

This happened shortly after moving to a new house around the time I was eight or nine (many, many, many years ago). Nothing felt really quite right in the new house. Looking back, sometimes I think it was because I was a kid and adamantly did not like change. But there were little ticks in the house. Weird creaks at weird times when everything was silent and I knew nobody was moving. My mom thought laying out my room just like it was in the old house, with all my toys in their same spots, with my Star Wars: the Phantom Menace Coin Banks next to my bed, would make it feel more like home for me. But it didn’t.

Once, while I lay awake at night refusing to fall asleep in this bad new house, one of the electronic coin banks, Darth Maul lit up and started swinging his lightsaber. I was a bit hazy, but his dialogue sounded off, his voice sounded somehow a little more sinister and the usual Star Wars music wasn’t playing. But it was staticky so I couldn’t understand what he was saying.

I sat bolt right up in bed, leaning against the wall, staring at the Darth Maul in the shadows. It seemed to be facing right at me.

I swear I heard it utter the words, “Don’t try it.” before it fell off the shelf.

I screamed so hard but my parents didn’t believe me.

James: 8/10 That is a strange vessel! I bet demons like Darth Maul because he looks like one of them. Thanks for sharing!




by cnkguy
Rogue Coin Bank

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