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Road 666

paper-love submitted:

This story I’m about to tell you happened a few years ago, when me& a couple of my friends were still in high school.

I’ve always had a vast interest in the paranormal. When I was in high school, I made a friend named Danielle who was just as interested in it as I was and we would willingly go out of our way to explore abandoned houses and churches in my neighborhood. There is a road that is not too far from my mother’s house with no street sign, just a sign that says “666”. It’s sort of hidden way, but we drove everywhere as teens so it didn’t really bother us. It was a narrow dirt road with very few houses on it. Danielle& I had been down that street before, doing our exploring. There was a house that we “investigated” that had burned to a crisp a few years back. All we found were baby shoes and children’s toys all over the yard. Nothing really happened so we left and forgot about it.

On Thursdays, our school would end class at 11am, so we would go joy-riding around town on those days. I was with Danielle and another friend of mine named Katie, who was quite skeptic of our “investigations”. We would tell her what we saw, or what we felt when we explored but she never bought it.

Until this specific Thursday. We decided we would go down the “666” street to show Katie the house we explored. To our surprise, the ash and remains of the house were gone. No sign of anything we’d seen not even a week before. We drove past the empty lot down to the end of the street. Suddenly, Danielle’s car stalled out. It was an old car, so it happened frequently. Katie who was sitting in the back seat quietly this whole time, suddenly said with fear in her voice, “Guys… We need to go.” and I turned around in the passenger seat to see what was the matter. Out of the back window, just a few feet away from the car, I saw a little old man. He had no color in his face. He was in a hospital gown, he was pushing an IV and he was slowly making his way towards the car. Danielle abruptly tried to get the car to start, yanking the key in the ignition over& over again in a panic. His face was just blank and expressionless. Honestly, he looked dead. Finally, the car started and Danielle skidded off, but she stopped halfway down the street. We looked out the back window and like magic, he was just gone. I mean, this guy was old, so there’s no way he would’ve walked back to where ever he came from that quickly. Relieved, but confused, we slowly drove down the long narrow road to the exit. And just then. Katie, from the backseat, let out a gasp.

Out of the back window, there he was again. Standing a few feet away from our car. Danielle stepped on the gas and we never went down that street again. Needless to say, Katie never doubted the stories we told her after that.

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by cnkguy
Road 666

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