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Red Eyes

Anon Submitted:

This happened when I was 13/14 years old. I was at my dad’s house, like I always was on Wednesday nights.
My dream started out completely normal. I was going on a trip with some friends and my mom and we had happened upon a fair. This is when my dream started getting kind of weird. I’m a fairly religious person, and in my dream, the person who was running the fair somehow knew that. He said there was someone I should meet. So I sat down at a table with this other man, and he started talking. I can’t remember the specifics, as this dream was a few tears ago. All of a sudden he grabs my wrists and looks me in the eye. This is the creepiest part. He tells me that he despises me and that I’m a horrible human being and that everyone who is like me (religious) should die. I’m so confused as to why he’s saying this, when suddenly his eyes start to change and he tells me he’s the Devil. His eyes turn red and snakelike, and right after he tells me who he is, I wake up from my dream. My room is completely dark and right in front of me I see two red, snakelike eyes blink and then disappear. I was so scared and appalled that I started crying. For days after, every time I closed my eyes I would see those red eyes and feel a sense of dread.

FuckYeahNightmares Mod James: 8/10 Damn, I’m sorry that sounds existentially horrifying.  Thanks for sharing!




by cnkguy
Red Eyes

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