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Red Bow Tie

cannibalforthemasses submitted:

When I was about 14 I told my mother I didn’t believe in ghosts. She replied “you should” and told me this story:

When my mother was a young girl, in her twenties, she was sleeping in her bed in the room she shared with her sister (who was really her cousin but her father died when she was an infant and her mother couldn’t take care of her so my grandmother took her in) Becky.
The sound of a man calling my moms name woke her up. She turned and saw an old man wearing a suit with a red bow tie standing at the end of her bed.
My mother, completely terrified, ducked under her covers. The man however kept calling her name until she looked up again.
The man explained that Becky was going to need my mom, that she was really going to need her love and support in these next few months.
My mother eventually went back under the covers and went to sleep.
The next day my mom told her mom (my grandmother) what happened. My grandmother replied that she was probably just dreaming.
Some after, my aunt Becky was diagnosed with a terminal illness.
Months later my mom was sitting with my grandmother going through the photo albums when they came across a picture of my great uncle ( Becky’s biological father) wearing a suit and a red bow tie. My mother exclaimed that that was the man she saw at the end of her bed, the man with the red bow tie.
My grandmother replied that that was interesting, because her uncle was buried in that suit.

FYNK James: 5/10 for scares. This one hit me like a bag of bricks in a bittersweet way. Thanks for sharing!




by cnkguy
Red Bow Tie

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