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Reclaimed Clutter | Junkin' With Jenny Episode 13

We test our self-control and put in a home “concession area”.

How to take grandmas beat up coffee tables and give them new life.

Ideas for making paneled loft a quiet home getaway.

Not the “wash basin” type… We’ll give you some ideas on what it can become today.

Can these outdoor lights shine again?

Turning a cluttered kitchen into a functional and attractive workspace.

No more candy for the antique machine… but what can you do with it?

This is Junkin’ With Jenny, the show all about taking what some may consider junk and giving it new life.

If you would like one on one advice from Jenny – on the show – Submit a picture of your item or space and a little info about it on our website: . We may feature it on a future episode of the show!



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Reclaimed Clutter | Junkin' With Jenny Episode 13

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