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Real Ghost Videos: Paranormal Investigator Pushed By Ghost

During a paranormal investigation at the Railway Arms pub, Brotton, North Yorkshire, a ghost pushing a man has been captured on film reports The Gazette Live. The pubic house is a regular haunt for paranormal enthusiasts Spirit Seekers, who were at the time of filming were investigating overnight at the establishment, which is famous locally for being extremely haunted.

The video shows the group gathered around the tavern’s pool table attempting to communicate with the pubs spirits. Using a K2 meter (an electro-magnetic field detector) and a spirit box (a device that allows spirits to communicate), throughout the video mysterious voices can be heard calling out the names of the investigators. Then towards the end of the footage a female investigator claims she can feel something brush past her moments before the man is seen to fall or stumble.

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Real Ghost Videos: Paranormal Investigator Pushed By Ghost

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