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Real Ghost Videos: Ghost Caught on Xbox Kinect

I have an Xbox Kinect which picks up your face and signs you into your profile and if somebody else was to walk in it would pick them up as a guest as they don’t have a profile on my Xbox, it also uses infrared cameras and if it picks up an skeleton figure it will pick them as a guest. I took this video at around 3:20am my room was freezing so I put the camera on as I felt weird. Low and behold my camera picked up the ghost, there isn’t any editing or anything done here as its live feed and I was filming it on my phone because I didn’t know how to record it to my Xbox.

It’s not the first time I’ve encountered anything like this I’ve seen ghosts before but nobody believes you when you tell them, my dad used to do tarot cards, runes and worship the devil or something along those lines when I was a kid, seen so much stuff in my house growing up what I can’t explain, he’s passed away now maybe it was him, who knows! I’m glad I got this on camera!

Submitted by Shaun M. United Kingdom

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by cnkguy
Real Ghost Videos: Ghost Caught on Xbox Kinect

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