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Real Ghost Stories: There’s a Woman Hiding Behind Your Door

This isn’t a one time story, this is a reoccurring story.

When I was younger my mother and I were looking through her old high school year books, well as I’m looking through them this one girl stood out to me… And every page I looked at she was the first thing drawn to me. Well anyway, I asked my mother who she is and why I keep seeing her, and she said “oh she committed suicide in her parents basement.”

Well, I used to live in an older house, a little over 100 years old. We recently moved into a 10 year old ranch. In my old house my bedroom faced the hallway so I could always see if anyone was coming towards my room. Every night I saw a shadow dart past my door to the bathroom, I began having trouble sleeping, as I still do to this day. My parents would say it was just my imagination, so I had a few friends sleepover and they noticed it too, they actually made me shut my door.

I started feeling tickles and laughs and things would fall off of my shelf, I told my aunt and she said she was talking to a medium and she said my grandpa was going to see one of the girls this weekend, being me or my sister. So I was thankful to hear it was my grandpa, only it wasn’t.

We had one day left in our old house before we were moving into the new, so a friend of the family got a medium from Ohio to check out our house. This woman obviously knows nothing about us.

She’s telling all these stories about what she’s seeing but I was barely paying attention because I wanted to hear her say my grandpa was upstairs and as were walking upstairs towards my room, I remember her saying “I don’t sense anyone here, oh wait, there’s a woman hiding behind your door” she said “there’s only one spirit up here, her names Linda” I asked what Linda looked like she said long black hair and that she was pretty.

She also said Linda didn’t let any other spirit up here because she was very protective over me, apparently Linda has dealt with experiences I have, being depression and mental illnesses, and was very protective over me and said she was sad to see my leave.

So a month later me and my mom were driving around a town called Ruthven, ON. And we were dropping my sister off at a friends and the “haunted house of Ruthven was brought up.” I always heard about this house having many friends living in Ruthven and my mom was like oh I know the girl who used to live in there. And a friend in the car said “Didn’t she kill herself?” my mom said yes, in her parents basement. My mom says her name was Linda.

I won’t put the last name for respects of Linda, but my heart dropped. The description the medium gave me of the Linda in my room, looks like the Linda in the yearbook.

Submitted by Emily T. | United States

Image source: Flickr

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Real Ghost Stories: There’s a Woman Hiding Behind Your Door

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