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Real Ghost Stories: The Two Women, and Other Experiences

A friend of mine (we’ll call her Jane) had a host of paranormal experiences in her former home… that all started with an incident that involved the full-body apparitions of two women.

The Two Women:

The night the women appeared, Jane had come home late from a shopping trip at the mall. Too tired to put away the new things she’d bought, she put them down on the floor at the foot of her bed, changed into PJs and climbed into bed.

About five minutes after she’d gotten into bed, she heard the bags rustling down on the floor. Thinking she’d locked one of her two cats in the bedroom with her, Jane contemplated getting up to let the cat out, but decided to stay in bed – until the rustling sound happened again – but louder. Having no desire to listen to the cat play with her shopping bag all night, Jane decided to get up and let her out. She moved the covers and sat up — and froze at the sight of two woman, standing in her bedroom.

Jane’s first thought was “Oh my God, I’m being robbed,” as it was a summer night, and she’d left the sliding glass door open downstairs, but locked the screen. The only description related to me from Jane was that one of the women had long, brown hair, and the other blonde. Suddenly, one of the women noticed her presence, and started to move toward her, arms outstretched. Frozen in fear, Jane did the first thing that came to mind: she jumped back into bed and hid under the covers.

It took Jane a few seconds to realize that if she was about to be robbed, that she’d rather go down fighting than hiding under the covers. She threw the covers off of her, and jumped out of bed, coming at the entity with intent to chase it away. She didn’t take more than a step or two, when both women suddenly vanished, turning into black smoke. One of the black masses moved toward the window, and the other went into her closet, and they were gone.

Other Experiences:

Jane never saw the apparitions of the two women again, but she had several other experiences following this incident.

The first incident involved a clock radio in the spare bedroom that would turn on and off by itself. She tried to debunk it, but couldn’t figure out why it would turn on. There was not an alarm set, as no one used it, and the switch was on the side of the clock, so the cat jumping on top of it was out of the question. Jane thought she solved the problem one day by unplugging the clock, but that same night, the radio turned on again, as loud as it could possibly go, and it was static, as if someone were trying to tune in a radio station.

The clock was unplugged and thrown under the spare bed, and eventually donated to a homeless shelter. Jane continued to hear music without the presence of the clock radio, and the second she opened her bedroom door to go into the hallway toward the spare bedroom, the music would stop. One night, having had enough, Jane sat up in bed and told the entity that she didn’t care anymore, and to enjoy the party they were having. After that, the music stopped in the spare bedroom. Jane introduced an iPod dock/radio into her own bedroom, thinking she could give having a radio upstairs a chance again. However, just when she thought things had calmed down, an untuned radio station came on at full volume in the middle of the night. Jane was startled and removed it from her bedroom.

Activity ceased for a while in Jane’s house. When I started hanging out with her often, I started to experience things as well. I was touched in the living room as I sat on the couch, and both of us heard random noises we couldn’t explain.

The one experience that stands out to me was one I will never forget. Jane and I were chatting in the living room, when we heard a noise upstairs, as if something had fallen over. Upon investigation, we could find nothing out of place. I stood in the upstairs hallway and said, nice and loud, for the entity to “get the hell out” and stop bothering Jane. While I said this, Jane was in her bedroom, getting out her pajamas. The second I finished my sentence, Jane’s bedroom door slammed with a superhuman force, and I heard a crash coming from the bedroom.

Before I could get to the bedroom door to open it myself, Jane opened it and came out with a terrified look on her face. She pointed in the direction of her room, unable to find the words she wanted to say. I went into the bedroom, and saw her curtain rod hanging off the bracket on one side, and the curtains on the floor. The steel bracket that the rod sat in was bent, as if someone had ripped it out of the wall. There is no way a human being could have bent that bracket. It was mangled as if someone had heated it and re-shaped it. I learned my lesson that night, and never antagonized the entity again.

Desperate for answers, Jane called in a team of Paranormal Investigators. They unfortunately didn’t catch any hard evidence, and they were unable to debunk a lot of the experiences Jane had. However, there was a medium in their group, who immediately sensed the two women in Jane’s bedroom, and was able to describe them in vivid details that Jane had never described to anyone before. He reported that the entities were still present in Jane’s bedroom. We also asked a couple of the men in the group to try and bend the bracket back from the curtain rod, but none of them could do it.

The last straw for Jane were the many nights that she woke out of a sound sleep, with a feeling of dread, and hands around her throat, as if someone were choking her. After having this happen several times, Jane put the house up for sale and moved out quickly.

Submitted by Anne, NY, United States

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Real Ghost Stories: The Two Women, and Other Experiences

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