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Real Ghost Stories: The Poltergeist in the Bedroom

When I was 8 years old, my mother and I just moved into our new house. It was only a few weeks after we moved in that some paranormal things started to happen. I kept feeling as though someone was watching me and I kept hearing whispering. Then at night, my radio would turn on by itself and then change channels on its own, always waking me up at night.

I told my mother of these things and she would tell me that I was imaging things. I being a young child, and believing everything my mother said I moved on. That is until one day when I was in my room just listening to music, when something hit my back. I turned around and saw a book on the floor. The bookshelf was on the stair landing and was nowhere close to my bedroom. I couldn’t move for at least 5 minutes because I knew I was alone. (My mother was at work) That’s when things began to get worse. I believe it was because I acknowledged it.

Doors would slam, I started to see shadow figures, the TV down stairs would go on and off, and there was loud screaming at night. My mother couldn’t keep telling me that I was imaging things anymore. We wished to move but could not for another 4 years. My mom’s friends Pastor came over and told the poltergeist to leave us alone and read a few things from the bible as well as prayed with my mother and me. Things settled down after that but not everything went away. I learned later in life that I was a sensitive and I believe that this ghost realized this and was trying to get my attention.

If I knew then, what I know now. I would have listened instead of trying to get rid of it.

Submitted by Chelsea B. United States.

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Real Ghost Stories: The Poltergeist in the Bedroom

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