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Real Ghost Stories: The Old Man in the Window

When I was just a young girl I lived across the street from and old man. Approximately he was about 78 years of age; he always stared at me through his old house’s window, since my bedroom was the closest to his house. 5 years old I was quite frightened of him and ran to my mother for help. She always said he was just being nice to me and I should not worry. It was only a year later when I noticed his skin was off colour. He had big purple bags underneath his eyes and he looked at me from his window, he never seemed to leave and never without blinking.

Every night I would wake up and look out to the old man’s window. He was always in the same position and he had gotten so pale he was nearly transparent. I was terrified so one night I decided to set it all straight by meeting him. Petrified, I walked over to his little, old house. I walked straight to his door and surprisingly, the door was unlocked and I pushed it open with a little tap. As soon as I entered I felt unnaturally cold, l felt like I was being watched and I heard murmuring from the other rooms even though I was sure the old man lived alone. As I ventured deeper in to the old house I heard a man’s fast whisper speak to me. Because it was so fast I was unsure whether the voice said “Chloe” or “leave”. I saw a slightly clear figure sanding 2 feet in front of me. It looked a lot liked the old man looking at me from the window. But I couldn’t be sure because of his burnt face. But the thing that scared me the most was that he wasn’t standing but hovering.

I was paralysed in shock and fear. I heard a loud thud coming from behind me. I turned around and a book had landed on the floor, many more books followed and the book shelve was inches away from me, just about to fall. I ran out screaming, and my mother was standing at the front door of our porch with our dog. They were both tilting their heads right then left. I was so terrified I couldn’t stand still.

My dog didn’t bark, my mother didn’t say a word. Just tilted their heads, quickly and quietly. I ran to my mother shaking her and asking her to help me, but she just stood there, like she was possessed. Same with my dog. Suddenly I heard a bang in the house.

Next thing I know I was in hospital, only with the memory of that one night.

Submitted by Lily Duncan, South Australia

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Real Ghost Stories: The Old Man in the Window

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