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Real Ghost Stories: The Old Abandoned Barn and The Shadow Men

Before moving to United Kingdom in London, I lived in a small Eastern European country which had fair share in violence, war and misery in it’s history. Ever since I was young, I lived with my cousin and grandmother because of work related circumstances my mom was abroad. We have moved a lot when I was young, I lived a peaceful life as long as I could remember, at least until we moved to suburbs few miles from a small city. We lived on a farm, secluded with at least a mile until nearest houses. As the farm was very large, we had around 4 dogs at the time, which were always outside.

Around 800 meters from our house, there was a very big old abandoned barn, which I recently found out that around 50-60 years ago, had a family living there. The husband hanged himself after shooting his wife and kids, with no apparent reason. Ever since, anyone who walks past the house can tell that they feel like being watched and followed the whole time. Me and my cousin went to kinder garden and school for few years, meaning we had to pass the house every day. To this day we remember how scary it was to pass the abandoned house, even though at that time we didn’t know it’s history, only that no one lived there for a very long time.

One night as I was getting ready to sleep, the moon was very bright with clear blue sky, I starred through the window from which I could see the old house. To my surprise at the very top, from this tiny window there was some whats as candle light. I got scared as no one was living there and the house itself was old and scary for me and my cousin at the time, actually frankly to any farmer around. So that night I went to sleep, as couple more nights passed, I was lying in bed and couldn’t fall asleep, just starring through window in my bed, it was bright as the moon was full, to this day I can’t explain what happened that night and what I saw. While starring through the window, I saw three dark figures like with a hunch back or leaning forward quite a lot, not walking but floating past my window. You can tell when someone is walking as from their movement, but this was literal floating past my window and the scariest part that, not only we lived miles from other farmers and it was a late night, but that we have 4 dogs outside, whom not barked even once. I got stone cold and my heart dropped as I hid under covers, I was scared to see that again so I haven’t looked through the window for weeks.

After what happened I told my grandmother and mom years later. Both of them believed me and only then my grandmother told me what happened at the old barn. I will never forget it as it’s stuck deep inside, at the time I was around 8-9 years old but this is the most memorable thing from my childhood.

Submitted by Paulina | London, United Kingdom

Image source: Flickr

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Real Ghost Stories: The Old Abandoned Barn and The Shadow Men

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