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Real Ghost Stories: Tall Dark and Scary

My name is Kayla, I’m 22 years old and I don’t really have a home town. My parent’s moved a lot. The majority of my life I was raised in Hemet CA. So I guess you can call it my home town.

My story takes place in a small town in Nevada called Tonopah. My story is 100% real. I wouldn’t lie, I just thought you may like to hear this story. Tonopah is a small town in the middle of the desert, it was very prevalent with gold back in the old days but as soon as it was mined out and gold seekers continued west, the population went down to maybe 1,000.

My mother, sister and I moved there in 2002 after our parents divorced. We moved into an apartment complex and my mother was the night odditer at the Ramada Inn. My mother was very depressed from the divorce and took to her old ways of partying and using. Without adult supervision my older sister became pretty wild too. My mother and sister began to fight so badly that at times it turned physical, so she went to live with my dad in Reno NV. After Kim left my mother still worked the grave yard shift until 2:00 a.m. and even then sometimes she wouldn’t come home, she would be out with friends till the next day. So I was left alone a lot. That’s when all the paranormal incidences started to happen.

I don’t believe the apartment was haunted, I believe all the bad thing’s happening and the depression invited something dark into our lives. Darkness likes darkness.

Anyway the first thing that started happening was the intense feeling of being watched. It didn’t matter if it was day or night you were being watched and not only from within the room, it also felt like their were thing’s outside watching you through the windows. This became so uncomfortable to me so my mother and I switched room’s. It didn’t help I still felt like I was being watched so I started sleeping on the couch (which was right by the front door) so if I needed to escape quickly I could.

Well one day I was walking from the couch the the kitchen to fix myself something to eat, to my right was a hallway and at the end was a bathroom with my mother’s room to the left and mine was on the right. While I was walking to the kitchen I couldn’t help but look down the hallway. When I did I saw a huge dark figure run from my mother’s room into my room. It didn’t really run more like hovered (it did not touch the floor) but it was very, very quick that’s why I say it ran. It was also tall enough to touch the ceiling with the top of it’s head. And it was very dark I could not see through it at all. Well me being 9 or 10 was totally freaked out.

I began losing sleep, the only time I would sleep is when I went to visit my mom at work. I would literally sleep at her feet behind her desk at work. My mother did start to worry about me, and she said she felt the watching eye’s as well. But she had to work to keep food on the table. The only relief she could offer was tell me to come to her work.

One day I invited a friend over so I wouldn’t be so scared. But when she came over she started feeling creeped out, so we stood on the porch and talked. As we were talking we could hear someone coming from behind the apartment (There were leaves on the ground) we could hear them getting closer, people used to walk by all the time so we weren’t scared. But as the sound of steps got closer and closer we realized no one was there and we actually saw the leaves being pressed down in the shape of a foot. But their was nobody. And the steps were coming right for us so we screamed our heads off and ran to her house.

The last incident that happened to me in that apartment was when I was laying down to go to bed (in my bedroom), I wanted to sleep but I couldn’t I felt very strongly that someone was watching me, I felt they were looming over me. So I turned my back to it and put the covers over my head. Then I felt pressure on the bed like someone got into the bed with me, and is whispered something in my ear but it was very quick and a whisper so I couldn’t tell if it said my name “Kayla” or “Wake up”. It was in a woman’s voice. I was all alone frozen in fear but eventually I fell asleep.

A few months later we moved. Not out of town but away from those apartments. I hope you liked the story it was most definitely the scariest thing I’ve ever been through.

Submitted by Kayla H. United States.

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Real Ghost Stories: Tall Dark and Scary

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