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Real Ghost Stories: My Haunted Life

Throughout my life, I’ve always been a big believer in the paranormal and I’ve always been interested in it. It was only from the age of 17-18 that things changed in me towards the paranormal. Before I start I’d just like to very briefly explain that my childhood was not the greatest, and things didn’t get better until my late mid/late 20’s. As I explain stuff, things might make more sense in terms of me moving about and also the family members I held dear who helped me the most. Anyways.

I think I was about 5-6 at the time and I could never sleep alone. I always needed my mom. The one night I was crying for a while and it took a while for my mom to come up. Just seeing her poke her head round my open door and say “time for sleep now Matt” was enough to comfort me and send me to sleep. The next morning when I went down stairs, I said to my mom that as soon as I saw her and she told me to go sleep I went to sleep. Her answer was “I never came up to you when you where crying last night” as it turns out, my dad’s mom died in the house when I was very, very young.

At the age of 7 me and my mom moved to my aunt Julies house with her husband Fred and my cousin Philip (this house freaks me the hell out even now) living there for 2 years was very uncomfortable at times. Always felt I was being watched, while walking up the stars from the small balcony they had above the stairs. The long hallway leading up to the front door, at night was always very creepy and dark. The back garden was huge and there was no way I’d stay out in the back garden when it started to get dark. No matter where I went in the house, I always felt watched. Hearing a cats bell out side my bedroom door when my aunt never had a cat in the house. Hearing someone walking around upstairs when me and my mom where the only ones in the house and we were both downstairs. It was enough to stick in my head as events in the house later on in my life built on this…

At the age of 16, I moved into my Nan’s house. Two of my uncles lived there also. I was very close to my nan and always regarded her as a mother. The year I turned 18 was the same year she passed away. That day will always be one of the lowest points in my life. A month or two later was when little things started to happen. For the start of this next bit, I need to point out that I had no door to my room. I didn’t have a door on my room for a while. My girlfriend at the time went to the toilet one morning, after a few minutes she shouted to me asking where I was. When I replied I was in bed, she asked me to “swear” when I said the word she came back in. A little shocked saying that she saw the back of somebody go past the toilet door and into my Nan’s bedroom.

A friend of mine came over to watch some films on my room. We had a power cut and While I was down stairs looking for candles my friend was sitting on my bed wich was opposite the door to my room. When I came back up with candles he said he made out a figure of a male in my bedroom doorway just standing there staring at him . For the next 40mins we stayed in my uncle Andy’s room with about 6 candles (who’s room had a door) until the lights all came back on. I didn’t want to tell him that my Grandad died of cancer in the house and my uncles room we stayed in was the actual room he died in.

I’ll describe my room at my nans. It was a shoe box shape. If I’m standing on the one side. The window would be behind me,there where 2 bed in my room. The one the right was mine and the one on the left was my cousins(Phil) when he stays over. On the left side at the bottom of the bed was my wardrobe, on the right side was my tv stand and Playstation. Just after the tv stand was the door out my room and the wall facing me had a chest of draws. My wardrobe had a mirror on it and if I sat in the right position on the bed, I could look into the mirror and it would let me let me see out my bedroom door (still no door yet, lol) The one night I was playing front mission 3 and at the corner of my eye I cud make out the facial features of somebody sitting side by side with me on my cousins bed watching me play. When I turned to there was no one there. Not long after I happened to just glance up at the mirror to see a shadow walk into uncle andys room.

There are more things that went on as I got older which were a little more alarming. If any of you are interested to know more. I’ll gladly write it up.

Submitted by Matt M. United States

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Real Ghost Stories: My Haunted Life

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