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Real Ghost Stories: “God Please Help Me”

It happened about 6 years ago now. I am in my late 40’s now and I am still scared out of my mind thinking about it. It happened on my brother’s farm, in South Africa in a town called Meyerton. We were renting the old farm house from him. The house was about 100 years old, this I found out by the neighbours that have been living in the area for more than 50 years later on.

When I and my son moved into the farm house I felt that there was something not right, whenever I am alone in the house I felt scared and could not explain this. I am very very scared of the dark, if the lights is off and I am in the room it feels like something is crushing me and I can’t breathe, this is from my childhood, that I always slept with a night light yes even now – I cannot explain why I am scared of the dark – some Doctor said to me that something very bad happened to me when I was small and this is some of the after effect – well I can’t recall anything. Anyway I had a small dog that slept on the corner of my bed.

A few months that we have been living there I started to feel like someone is watching me especially when I am getting undressed or dressed in the morning or night and that this thing is glaring at me and I could feel the angry vibes towards me. So I started to dress in the bathroom and not in my room anymore. At night when I am in bed the dog stands on one corner of my bed and then starts growling at the corner of the room and her back hair is standing upright, this goes on for some time until I look straight at the corner where she is barking and demand whatever is in that corner to go away, then the dog stop growling and lay down and sleep. This goes on for some time, but the worse is still to come.

One night about midnight something woke me and as I looked over to the window I saw the scariest evil face and only a face coming through the curtains and coming towards me, the next moment I could feel something is pressing down on me and hold me down on the bed, I could not move or breath for that matter, I was frozen… I do not know how long I was frozen in that state but all I could think of was to pray to GOD and I was thinking “GOD PLEASE HELP ME” and the next moment I was released and I could move… my dog jumped up and ran out of the house when this happened and did not want to come back into the house. I was so scared and very very cold I asked my son to come and sleep with me in my bed WITH THE LIGHTS ON. I did not sleep alone in my room again.

The next day I told my mother what happened and everybody that came into the house said they did not feel anything wrong. Not long after this incident I moved out of this house.

There is other people living in this house now and they reported nothing is out of place. I know what happened with me was not a dream, it really happened and I will never forget it.

Submitted by Maryke van Rooyen, South Africa, Gauteng

Image source: Flickr

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Real Ghost Stories: “God Please Help Me”

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