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Real Ghost Stories: A Long History of Paranormal Activity

When I was around 4 years old maybe a little younger, my mum told me that I ran out of our living room into the kitchen, shaking and crying saying that “please tell nanny to stop”. Now Nanny was the name that I used for my great grandma who was very ill at the time. She couldn’t walk, couldn’t speak, she could hardly move and was dependant on my great auntie and my dad. My great grandma was not at our house so my mum found it all a bit strange but she brushed it off, she told me to go back to the living room and carry on playing with my toys, I refused and grabbed onto her clothing. She walked into the living room with me and I started crying even more, according to her I was pointing to the corner of the ceiling saying ” tell nanny to stop flying” my mum got chills as a 4 year old child was telling her that her family relative was floating in the corner of the room. She grabbed my hand and steered me out of the room and we stayed in the kitchen until my dad got home from work. My mum then figured out that the spirit of my great grandma must have come but for what reason? My great grandma was still alive.

Then 2-3 months later she died.

In the same house, around a few months later my parents were sleeping until they heard the door of the house being unlocked. The house was once a hotel that was bought and we lived in one of the old apartments. My uncle and his girlfriend lived in another and my grandma lived in another. My dad assumed that my grandma came home from work and shouted for her, no one answered and the house was eerily quiet as if no one was home. About 5 minutes later the same door closed and locked.

The next day when my whole family was in the big room it turned out that my uncle heard the same thing and my grandma wasn’t back till 10am the next morning as she worked night shifts. Other stranger things happened like someone tucking my mother and father into bed, however they all put it down to my great grandma visited. I however do not remember any of it as I was very young.

When I was just six we moved countries, from Poland to England. We lived in another apartment however this was on the ground floor and we had a garden. I remember one day while I was stood looking out onto the patio from the glass sliding doors I saw a weird little object on my swing. The object was black, it lingered there for a while and seemed to have flown away. I know I wasn’t making that up as I wasn’t the only one that seen this object. We had guests over at the time and me, my brother and my mother’s friends son saw it too. We later found out that our house was built on a patch of land that was once a grave yard, we decided to move. Not because of the strange black object but because what used to be there.

So that takes us to my current house. Everything started off in 2010. I was cleaning my room and the door was half open. I glanced at it as I felt uncomfortable and had to look again. In the doorway I saw a little girl, no older than 8-9, staring straight at me. It was only for about 30 seconds but I remember clearly what she looked like. She had an angelic like face, but her whole body was greyish purple and looked quite swollen. She had big eyes, dark blonde hair that was wet and in two plaits that finished just past her shoulders. She was wearing a white dress that looked wet too and she basically looked like she just got out of a swimming pool. Her dress was quite old fashioned and looked like what a Victorian little girl would wear to bed. As soon as the girl saw that I was looking at her she disappeared and I freaked out and ran downstairs to my mum. She didn’t believe me.

However stranger things started to happen. My mum started having visits herself at night. She would wake up, not being able to open her eyes and something will be pressing down on her chest as if wanting to suffocate her. She kept saying to herself “Be stronger, you can fight it” and the thing would go. Then one night she heard a bang downstairs, she didn’t take much notice of it until the next day when we was all at breakfast she asked my dad if he picked whatever fell up and he said that there was nothing that needed to be picked up. The house was squeaky clean when he got from his night shift. Another night I woke up at dawn to four loud, blood like screams. It sounded as if someone was getting murdered but when I checked on the rest of my family members they were all fast asleep, it seemed like only I could hear it. Then cups started to move in front of our eyes and I constantly felt as if I was being watched. This carried on for about 3 years and stopped.

Then this year things started to get a little crazy. My family members went out in the morning and I was too lazy to get up so I was left alone in the house. It was around 10 AM when my dogs bean bag started to make a noise as if someone was moving on it, I figured it was my dog as she always slept on it however when I walked back out the bathroom and the bean bag was still making a noise my dog was on the top stair. She was tilting her head side to side, that freaked me out a little so I went down the stairs to look at what was going on however as soon as the bean bag was in my view it all stopped.

About 2 months later my mum woke up with something taking away her covers. She kept pulling them back because the house was weirdly really cold. When she realised that my dad was on another night shift she sat up in bed and the covers flew off her. She then heard something run in the hallway, a childs voice, screaming ” HELP ME PLEASE HELP ME”. That same night, just before I went to bed and before my mother witnessed all that all my perfumes, make up, candles were on the floor as if someone threw them off.

Now more recently, a couple of weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night to something pressing down on my back. I always lay on my stomach when I slept and I could only half open my eyes but I seen a figure standing over me. Then a week after I witnessed the same thing again. I woke up around dawn and my tv was still on. My remote was on the other side of the room so I just decided to put my head under my duvet, however for some strange reason I just couldn’t fall asleep. Then I seen a shadow through my duvet and I knew it was going to happen again as I felt really uncomfortable. The shadow just sopped at my bed and I felt a massive force hit me around my ribs area. My eyes were still open and I could see the duvet that kept going down everytime I got hit. It stopped for about 15 seconds and started again. Then after I could fall back to sleep I dreamt of werewolves. The weird thing is my mum had the same. She woke up to a hand over her body, a swollen purplish hand. Then she dreamt of werewolves and it was the exact same dream as mine just from a different perspective.

Only yesterday I heard tapping on my window when I started writing this down. I have a median coming in soon, I will write back if anything else happens.

Submitted by Wiktoria M. Poland.

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Real Ghost Stories: A Long History of Paranormal Activity

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