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Real Ghost Stories: 5 Months of Hell

My name is Matt M. I come from a place called Wolverhampton in England. I had my story posted on here not long ago and thought I would share my five month experience.

Just before I start this story id just like to explain a few things. Since my nans death and the hardships I faced growing up, I’ve always felt my nan with me. From about 18-19 onwards to present day. Shes helped me in little bits here and there. Because of her being with me, I feel sensitive to other spirits around me. Im not saying im a medium and should be on most haunted but I do sense a lot of things. I don’t see spirits in general but I see them through my minds eye. Its like a visual representation of what my eyes don’t see. If i mention the minds eye through anything of what I’ve wrote you will understand where it comes from Please, if you have any questions about this or anything I’ve wrote, feel free to comment. I will elaborate on anything you want to know.

At the age of 23 I moved out of my nan’s house. It was a very sad but happy moment for me. I was finally getting on with my life, Moving forward. As my life changed so to did my 5 year relationship with my partner which ended.
The house I moved to was a decent size. You couldn’t tell by looking at it from the outside though. It was longer then it was wide. From the door, the hall way lead up to the bottom of the stairs with 2 doors on the left hand side. The door closest to the front door lead to a small front room and the 2nd door lead to a bigger middle room which was open Plan combined with a small kitchen. There where 2 doors in the kitchen, the one on the left lead to the garden and the one on right lead to the bathroom. It had 3 bedrooms and the only toilet was in the bathroom (really not good).

The first day I moved in was amazing. I never felt better. While john (the home owner) was out I decided I’d wash all the new cutlery and plates in the sink. While doing so I heard foot steps from the hallway. I froze for a split second to take in what I heard.. And the foot steps carried on to about half way up the stairs and stopped. I could feel the hairs on my body stand on end. I felt this sudden feeling of dread and it was really uncomfortable. I shouted “john” no answer. I knew there wouldn’t be an answer, after all nobody came in through the front door. None the less I checked all 3 bedrooms, nothing. The house was silent and i still had this feeling of dread. I carried on with the washing up trying to forget about it and about half hour later john came home. Everything was ok for a while. I had feelings of dread every now and again but it was tolerable. No where near as much as when I heard the foot steps.

Say two months down the line when the dark nights where drawing in, I was lying on my bed with my new partner. She was due to go home in about fifteen minutes as her dad was picking her up. She had work the next day and it was quicker for her to get to work from her house rather then from mine. She use to stay over during the weekends’ or when our days off matched. Anyways, We where lying on my bed. She looked up and suddenly started shaking. Frozen stiff but shaking, staring fixated at the ceiling. When I asked her what was wrong as it was scaring me a little, she said she saw some kind of smoke appear in the corner of the ceiling and then a face appeared through the ceiling staring at her for a few seconds before vanishing. She was as white as a sheet. That same feeling of dread came over me like when I heard the foot steps and it worried me. This feeling of dread seemed more intense. We both decided to go downstairs and wait for her dad in the front room. While there she just sat quietly until the sound of her dads horn was heard. While alone i closed the front room door and sat with the tv on. John came home about 10 mins later and those 10 minutes in the house alone where very tense for me and felt like hours.

Thankfully John being back took my mind off what had happened. I didn’t mention anything to him at this point. It wasn’t long after that that I started to sense something around the house during my days off. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was at first but after about half a day i picked up feelings of sadness and lonliness. A million miles away from the feeling of dread I usualy got which was a breath of fresh air. On a weekend off from work I came down stairs to have some breakfast and through my minds eye on the floor opposite to where I was I saw a small long bench with a young child sitting in the middle crying with his hands clenched rubbing his eyes. Then it came to me, this was this feeling of sadness and loneliness I was having. He looked about 4-5 years old. That was the start of it all. Every time after that id sense him running around the house standing or sitting down by me when I was playing my xbox 360, standing by me watching tv, looking at the food I was eating and just generally following me around the house. I even got that use to it that I turn cbeebies on in the front room on occasion while I cleaned up or played my 360 up stairs.

The feeling of dread was still looming round the house but, again, it was tolerable, it was faint. I kept that I could sense this little boy to myself. That was until my partner saw this little figure run past my door and then run into my room as if running at her which made her jolt as if bracing for the impact. That’s when i told her that I could sense him around. Before she could tell me how he looked, I quickly asked her if i could tell her instead. Just so what I was seeing in my minds eye was right and I wasn’t going mad. I’ve done a lot over the years and I’ve been right every time. This little boy was wearing dirty black shoes, gray knee length socks that where down by his ankles in a way that looked scruffy, a pair of dirty black shorts, a gray t-shirt and a gray scruffy cap and that the boy was very thin. My partner confirmed all of this with a startling stare and added that she “felt sorry for him” she asked me if I’d seen anything else in the house. I told her I hadn’t but I get this feeling of dread through the whole of the house. She went quite for a few seconds and then mentioned that when she was round on the second night of me living there, she’d gone for a cigarette by the open kitchen door which lead to the garden. After about a minute she felt someone grip her shoulder but when she turned to there was no one there as we where all in the front room. And while smoking her fag she constantly felt that some one was standing right up to her face.

John was also interested in the paranormal and it wasn’t long until me, my partner, John and a few of his friends where using a make shift Ouija board. The letters and numbers wer all on separate pieces of paper and the words “yes” and “no” where at each end of our Ouija board arrangement. We used an over turned glass to put our fingers on. We managed to contact this little boy and we asked him to spell out his name. The pointer went to no. Then it clicked. He was too young to spell his name and he didn’t know the year he died either or the day or the month. It was a shame. As it came about. This spirit boy saw me as a big brother and saw my partner as a mother. Through asking him questions we found out that the boy was left to die of starvation. His mother went out one day and didn’t come back. It upset us all. I asked the boy if there was anybody he didn’t like in the house. I asked this because of the feeling of dread I kept having.

I wanted to try and understand what this feeling of dread was coming. I knew it was male but that was it. Answer:.. “yes”. I asked more questions. Can you point the glass to where this person is?… “no”. Is the person you don’t like in this room?… “no”. Then I asked if the person was up stairs…. “yes”. Is he upstairs now?… “yes”. Does he scare you?… “yes” then i asked “theres a male upstairs isn’t there?… No answer, so I asked the same question in a different way. Is there a nasty man up stairs?.. “yes” id sensed correct, there was a male presence. Does the nasty man live above the bedrooms?… “yes” it clicked for both me and my partner. That face she saw through my bedroom ceiling was this males. It wasn’t good. I started to push more questions to understand what was going on and to confirm what I felt was going on. Does this man come out at night? “yes” and you hide from him? “yes” is he angry a lot? “yes” he doesn’t like me does he? “no” because of my nan? “yes” this male presence didn’t like john or my partner either. Does he know we are talking about him?… Nothing…. I asked again.. Nothing. All a little freaked out we decided to call it time as our food was cooked. John closed our session thanking the spirits for our protection and there communication.

This male presence became stronger. During the day the house was filled with more dread. No matter where I went. At night time. I kept the door to my room closed and I could feel this male presence angrily walking around the house especially walking passed my room. I could feel him stopping outside my room and staring at me. As if the door wasn’t there, as if he knew exactly where my head was and where I was sitting. This happened every night. At times the feeling was so bad i wouldn’t come out my room to eat or drink. Only for the toilet would I leave the room and then, id make sure all the lights where on in the house. From about 7 till I went to bed. Some nights this male would spend the entire night just staring at me through the door. Those where the times I’d have an early night and want to go to sleep as fast as possible. When my partner stayed over, shed go down stairs during the night to use the toilet and find the backroom and kitchen lights on. (all lights would be turned off when john was home and when my partner stayed over) Some times just the kitchen light or the backroom light or the front room light would be on. The one time the kitchen light came on its own as she walked to the light switch to switch it on. Another time she went downstairs to the toilet and she screamed. I ran down stairs to find her sitting on the bottom step. She told me she opened the door to see the kitchen light flicking on and off with a huge black shape in the middle. I shot into the middle room and the light was on but no black shape. I stayed with her while she went to toilet and we stayed awake that night. We wer tired and thirsty but to scared to do anything. This stuff was happening every other day now. On my day off id avoid trying to go downstairs and (unless john was there) id get something from the chip shop and eat it on the way home that way I could just go straight upstairs.

Id just also like to point out that a good chunk of all that I experienced happened while John was away. He was away a lot. Sometimes with work and other times for breaks with a few friends.

On top of everything that was going on. At the time I lived in Wolverhampton but worked in Perry bar which isn’t far from Birmingham. The days where long. I was up at half 5 every morning to get to work for half 8. And id get home around 8-9. It was important that I had my sleep. What happened this one morning happened almost every morning after that until I left the house. I woke up about 4:45am to my door wide open with that feeling of dread there. I just got up, closed it and then went went back to sleep only to find that my door was wide open again when I woke up to my alarm. Still I thought nothing of it. That was until I was being woken between 4:30am – 5:00am every morning I had work. One morning I woke to someone breathing on my face. I shot up but there was nothing but the feeling of dread. It was getting to me now. I wasn’t sleeping right or living right. I decided to place a pair of my trainers against the door before I went to bed and still my door would be wide open with a load of pressure and feeling of dread all over me and I wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep.

I was getting more tired as the days went on. When I confronted John about all this he told me that he was shocked. He told me he heard voices coming from the hallway while he’s in bed and there’s been knocking on his bedroom door. He thought it was me messing about but when he opened his door my door was shut and there was no way I’d make it back to my room that quick without making a noise. He told me there was more whispering and knocking on his door when I wasn’t there. It wasn’t long after all this that I eventually moved house again to my aunts. Everything there was calmer.

That male presence in the house didn’t like me at all. I felt that this spirit was unable to approach me me mentally as my nan was blocking him out in stead he was trying to wear me down physically. For what purpose, ill never know and in ways, I’m glad I never will. I’ve never gone back to that house. I just feel bad for that little boy.

Submitted by Matt M. Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

Image source: Flickr

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Real Ghost Stories: 5 Months of Hell

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