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Real Ghost Pictures: The Queen Mary Engineer Apparition

My husband, sons and I went to the Queen Mary for a weekend getaway in July, 2005. We left before the weekend ended. While on the ship I felt terrible. I had a massive headache the entire time, felt watched, and was just uncomfortable the entire time.

We had a room and half the room was cold and the other was half fine. I adjusted the `thermo to turn off air and nothing happened. I called the front desk to send up engineer and he could not find anything wrong. We took some pictures and found massive orbs in them. At night we kept hearing running and banging of metal doors outside our room door. I had my husband go out to see who would be running around out there and say something. There was no one there. Mind you, the only metal doors were the ships water tight doors that are not closed and cannot be closed.

This happened every 5 – 10 minutes for hours. I called the front desk to have them send up security to stop the running person. They called back that no one was up there in the hall. Around 2:30 am I woke up abruptly. I was laying on my stomach with head to side. the side of the room that was super cold earlier was now super hot, like uncomfortably hot. As I laid there I had a feeling of someone watching me. Like there was a person at the foot of the bed. I kept saying in my head, “Don’t turn around. You will see a person.” So I didn’t. I placed the blanket over my head and laid super still hoping it would go away. I never felt this much terror.

The next day we took a tour of the underbelly of ship. Our group was very small and everyone was in shorts, athletic shoes, etc. While in th engine room I was taking pictures. This was the very spot a ship engineer was crushed by the water tight doors in the 1960’s.

I took pictures of the entire area no one was in my photo screen. The lighting was low, no glares. I used a digital camera, no film. The picture I took I was taking the hull of the ship where engines were. There was no one in my screen shot. When I reviewed the photos this si what I found. I have tried to debunk it, but cannot. I notice the clothing on the figure, which was not what tour members were wearing.

I have not touched up the photo, this is the original.

When the noise started up the next night, we left. I could not spend another night there. After driving away abotu 10 mins later my terrible headache just disappeared. I felt normal.

Submitted by Sophia V. United States

Real Ghost Pictures: The Queen Mary Engineer Apparition

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Real Ghost Pictures: The Queen Mary Engineer Apparition

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