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Real Ghost Pictures: The Hidden Man

Please take a look at the attached photograph that I took on October 24, 2015. The picture was taken with my Kodak AZ522. As I stated I am a firm non-believer in almost anything that has to do with ghosts, god, et’s, monsters, etc. So I am seeking a logical explanation as to the entity that appears in the image.

Please note that the face that appears in the photo showed up when I was attempting to enhance the woman’s image using Portrait Professional Software. The software uses a type of facial recognition to locate the faces in the image and provide enhancements automatically. The software focused in on the mans image in the photograph, which was unseen by me at the time. It was the program itself which enhanced the image to the point that a mans face can be clearly recognized in the picture. Opening the image in Photoshop, and making minor adjustments in the color saturation, and the brightness levels obtained the same results.

I had taken about 50 shots of the same subject, at the same time, and in the same location, and was unable to obtain any additional images of the man in any of the other shots, using the same software. I’m submitting to you both the original and my enhanced version of the image.

I’m sure there is a simple explanation to the cause of this image, and I thank you for your time in explaining it to me.

Submitted by Stephen D. United States

Real Ghost Pictures: The Hidden Man
Original image as received.

Real Ghost Pictures: The Hidden Man
Enhanced image.

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by cnkguy
Real Ghost Pictures: The Hidden Man

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