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Real Ghost Pictures: The Ghost in the Library

In 2015 me and my friend went on a excursion with other students in our high school to the South Australian State Library for a World War One exhibition and tour of the library that was constructed back in the late 1800’s. We had the opportunity to try on clothes from WWI (I’m not sure if they were actually real). My friend decided to take a selfie with me on my phone while we were wearing the uniforms. It wasn’t until later on when I looked at the photo that I noticed someone in the background (bottom right corner). The ‘person’ didn’t look like any of my fellow students and I am almost certain that the tour guides weren’t standing in the doorway when we took the photo and were inside another room.

After studying the selfie I realised that the ‘person’ looked more like a ghost. She looked very faint and blury! I also noticed a black dot where her hair was that wasn’t caused by my phone’s camera. I think the ghost looks like a young girl (maybe 12-13 years old) though it is hard to tell since the spirit is standing further away from me and my friend. I can’t be sure for certain, but I really do believe my friend captured a ghost in our selfie. I haven’t found any records of a young girl or woman dying in that Library.

Submitted by Lakeisha M. Adelaide, South Australia

Real Ghost Pictures: The Ghost in the Library
Image as received

Real Ghost Pictures: The Ghost in the Library
Image enlarged and red circle added

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Real Ghost Pictures: The Ghost in the Library

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