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Reader Submission: The Weeping Woman

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“My Gran was from Ireland, and she often told my cousins and I scary stories about a banshee. She once said that when she was 13 she and her sister Mary were running an errand for their mum. They had to go through a wooded area to get to their destination. There was a small stream in the woods where kids liked to fish and play. As they approached the stream from a distance, Mary said to Gran, ‘What’s that?’

They both stopped and looked. A woman was standing beside the stream with her back to them. She had long, dark hair and wore a light-colored dress. Her feet were bare. The girls were silent so they could hear the woman’s soft, gentle weeping. Without waiting another minute, my Gran and her sister turned and ran the other way as fast as they could.

When they got home, they told their dada about their adventure (their mum weren’t too happy they’d returned without completing the errand). Their dada said it was probably the local banshee. Their mum just rolled her eyes and mumbled something under her breath.

The next day, a passerby discovered the body of a young girl. She was face down in the stream, in the same place the weeping woman had been. Legend has it the banshee appears just before a tragedy or death.”

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Reader Submission: The Weeping Woman

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