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Reader Submission: The Haunted Doll


“I bought a haunted doll from eBay not too long ago. I got the idea after researching haunted items on the Internet and coming across the topic of haunted dolls.

I have always loved dolls, porcelain dolls in particular. I looked on eBay and found one I liked that was in my price range. The ad said she was a schoolteacher that was murdered, but that she still had a very sweet disposition . I felt relatively sorry for her, so I emailed the seller asking if this doll was a positive energy. The seller assured me that she was.

Well, the doll arrived, and my dogs barked and barked at her. Of course, that should have been my first clue. The very next morning, a picture fell off my wall and shattered. Later in the day, I heard a large boom. I figured, ‘Okay, she is just trying to let me know she is here.’ However when I opened my fridge, I saw that a can of soda had exploded in there. When I went downstairs later, I saw that one of my paint cans had fallen off a shelf.

I have always believed in the supernatural but was not expecting such a blatant display of it. I knew it was the doll making these things happen as everything happened within a 24-hour period of receiving the doll. I wrapped her back up in the box she came in and put her in my detached garage. After that, all the activity ceased. I ended up sending her to someone who had experience with these dolls. It makes me laugh when I read comments saying that people who claim to have haunted items are mentally ill or crazy. I wish they could have experienced what I did. I think it would have made them believers!”

Have you encountered a haunted doll? Share your story here!

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Ghost and Ghouls

by cnkguy
Reader Submission: The Haunted Doll

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