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Reader Submission: Lights at the Rosewell Plantation

rosewell plantation ruins

“Back in the late 1970s, me and two friends drove to the Rosewell Plantation one night to check the place out. We were all about 16 – 17 years old and intrigued by the ghost stories.

My friend, Dallas, parked the truck in front of the mansion approximately 100 feet or so from the front steps. There was no moon out, and it was pitch black. We turned off the truck’s engine and cut off the lights. As our eyes adjusted to the darkness, we noticed two red lights slowly coming into view in front of us.

As our eyes adjusted, the lights looked like the taillights of a car parked in front of us, but we couldn’t be sure. Me and my other friend Tommy were discussing the possibility of it being a car, while Dallas said nothing. As we watched the two lights, Tommy and I became convinced that it had to be a car, and someone else was parked there. But then the lights started levitating and moving around.

Tommy and I were astonished and started asking each other if we were both seeing the same thing . We asked Dallas if he was also seeing what we were seeing, but he remained silent. Tommy and I wondered if somebody was messing with us. But how could the lights float as high as the tree limbs? Was it possibly a boat on the York river? After all, the river was behind the Rosewell Plantation. But we decided that the river was too far away from the mansion, and besides, the vegetation and forest would obscure the view.

As we watched in fascination, more lights started to appear and dart around the tree limbs in front of the mansion stairs. Tommy and I were marveling at this light show, when all of sudden, Dallas started the truck, threw it into reverse, and plowed through the cornfield behind us. Startled, Tommy and I bounced around in the cab of the truck as the truck tore through corn rows.

Tommy and I are almost 50 years old now, and we discuss that night from time to time. But Dallas still refuses to talk about it. He claims he saw nothing, but Tommy and I know better. We have always speculated that since Dallas’s mother was Spanish, and he was raised Catholic, he was taught not to mess around with spirits.”

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Ghost and Ghouls

by cnkguy
Reader Submission: Lights at the Rosewell Plantation

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