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Reader Submission: Haunted Home

haunted house

“In the ’80s, my aunt used to live in a haunted house in Columbia, South Carolina. As far as I know, it was an average home- there was no dark history or murders -but the creepiest stuff always happened. Here’s just some of what my aunt and her family experienced there.

It started off with strange noises. For example, my aunt would hear what sounded like a broom falling in the closet, or shoes shuffling in the bedroom. When she went to investigate, however, the noises stopped and everything was where she’d left it.

Soon after the noises began, weird things started happening around the house. For instance, after a night of heavy snowfall, my uncle went outside and noticed water pouring from the faucet. The handle had been turned as far as it would go, but there were no footprints in the snow. How could someone turn the faucet on without leaving tracks?

Another time, my uncle was jarred awake when his bed started shaking. He said it felt like an earthquake, but when he looked over at my aunt, he noticed that her side of the bed was perfectly still. She never even woke up.

Things soon got worse. My aunt and uncle often heard their kitchen cabinets opening and closing when no one was in the room. When they went to take a look, they found all of the cabinets and drawers wide open.

One day, they returned from vacation and left their suitcases in the bedroom. They went to pick up my cousin, and when they came back, the suitcases were open and their clothes were strewn all over the room.

On another occasion, the maid was alone in the house when she heard a person stomping on the roof. She called my aunt to see if it was a roofer, but my aunt hadn’t hired anyone. Once the maid realized there was no one on the roof, she left the house and quit soon after.

Another time, my aunt got up to use the bathroom and found the front door unlocked and wide open. She asked my cousin about it the next morning, and he said that he too had discovered the open door, though at a different time of night. They never did figure out why it kept opening.

It was around this time that my aunt started hearing voices in and around the home. Late one night, she heard a group of kids outside her front door, laughing and talking loudly. She thought they were there to pull a prank, so she threw open the door to confront them. There was no one outside, but when opened the door, she felt a blast of cold air. Another time, she heard laughing and talking in the front room, but when she went to investigate, the voices stopped and the room was empty.

Now I’d been to my aunt’s house several times, but I knew nothing about the haunting. However, that changed when I went over for dinner one evening. We were all sitting at the dining room table when it abruptly rose several inches off the floor and then crashed back down. I freaked out, but my aunt and uncle were so used to weird stuff happening that it hardly fazed them.

They eventually sold the house and moved to a different part of town. Six months later, my aunt was in the area and decided to drive by the home. The new owners already had it up for sale. Was it because of the ghosts? Who knows. But I sure wouldn’t want to live there.”

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Ghost and Ghouls

by cnkguy
Reader Submission: Haunted Home

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