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Reader Submission: Dolly Dearest

“I heard this story from a friend of mine. She got this doll from a yard sale a couple of years ago. At first, everything seemed fine. The doll didn’t move, or speak, or do anything. About a month later, she noticed the doll had moved. At first, it only moved a couple of inches. Then, slowly, it started showing up around the house. Things would disappear, and the family would find items by the doll.

One time, as my friend was doing her homework, she heard a door slam on the third floor. She was home alone and found the doll in the bathroom where the door had slammed shut. Things then took a violent turn. One morning, she woke up with three long scratches down her back.

When I went over to her house, I felt a heavy presence. When I was about to leave, I felt a warmth on my back and soon discovered a fresh scratch about 5 cm across. My friend had no pets, so it couldn’t have been that. The scratch stretched from my shoulder blade to my lower back.

Another time, my friend was almost hit in the head with a glass that flew out of the cabinet. After that, enough was enough. She sold the doll on eBay and made $20. The events stopped, but she stayed with me for a few nights.”

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Ghost and Ghouls

by cnkguy
Reader Submission: Dolly Dearest

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