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Reader Submission: Ambulance Turmoil


“I spent my entire career working for a small fire department in northern Nevada. In 1998, we worked 24-hour shifts so we slept at the station. Over the years, many people passed in the back of our ambulance, and there were lots of little sounds or things where they shouldn’t be. But this is the strangest thing that happened.

While finishing chores one night, I walked around of the ambulances to ensure it was ready to go. It was a quiet night with no calls. The next morning, an angry firefighter stopped me to complain that the reserve ambulance looked like a dump. I laughed, knowing he was joking, as I’d ensured its readiness not 12 hours prior.

A Paramedic’s Wild Ride to the Edge and Back

When I asked him to show me what I’d missed, he opened the rear doors and I stood there in utter shock and confusion. The gurney and floor around it was trashed, littered with bandage wrappers, open IV packaging, and other medical supplies. It looked like we had just run a full code. Even the defibrillator was on. My first thought was that I had somehow slept through an incident, but that couldn’t be since there were only two of us on duty at a time.

My partner had already left, so I cleaned everything up and went home. When I told him the story later, he didn’t believe me and was sure I was messing with him. When the other guys corroborated the story he was still skeptical.

This was in 1998. To this day, I never figured out what happened that night. That was, without a doubt, the strangest thing I ever experienced at work.”

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by cnkguy
Reader Submission: Ambulance Turmoil

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