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quick mod update

hey all! Mod fey here wanting to answer a few FAQ’s!

1) Why haven’t you been updating as much?
Right now, the other mods are dealing with Real Life stuff, so you have mostly me, sorry!  Please send them some good thoughts! And while I enjoy updating and try to do it often, a huge problem is just how many stories we have in the ask box. To scroll to the oldest submission, it takes my computer almost five minutes, and then typing speed is less than one letter per second. It’s really annoying and I’m not sure why tumblr is this slow on my computer, but I’m doing my best!

2) Why hasn’t my story been posted?
We still have stories submitted three years ago in our askbox. The oldest stories get posted first. So that’s the most likely reason! We also currently cannot accept anon submissions. Please review the rest of the submission rules before messaging us to ask why.

3) Here are the rest of the FAQ’s, and a link to the submissions.

Thanks for your patience and please continue to share your stories. 

Source: Learn about Paranormal Activity and Real Hauntings here, plus see Ghost Adventures and explore the




by cnkguy
quick mod update

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