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chisholm-witch submitted:

So I am very into ghosts and spirits and such, and I’m never usually afraid of them as I work with them intentionally pretty often. But a few months ago, I met an entity who was very different from any ghost I’ve ever run into, and unfortunately it’s still causing mischief today.

My neighborhood backs up to a patchy forest, which, as small as it is, has a very strange feeling. After I got into the paranormal, I started suspecting that their might be something lurking around back there. So, one night, I went into my backyard and tried to open up contact. I didn’t get anything, so I went back to my room; and that’s when I immediately knew something was there. I could feel it watching me, and all the hairs on my body stood up. I couldn’t see it with my eyes open, but when I closed them, I saw a perfect vision of my room with this thing squatting on my night stand. It was all black, and looked like a chimpanzee with a goat’s head. And it crawled all over the room laughing, I could hear it like it was simultaneously in my head and very far away from me. It kept saying “Puaku, Puaku, Puaku.”
After it finally left, I immediately googled Puaku, and eventually came to a Wikipedia page about this Irish folkloric creature called a Pucca. It said that in legend they weren’t dangerous, but they liked to play pranks on humans and cause mischief.

Well, since that happened, things in my house have been breaking one by one. The wood floors buckled and ripped apart, the toilets keep having to be gutted and replaced, our washer stopped working, the dryer screaches incredibly loud when you use it, the upstairs AC has broken three times, the garage door stopped opening, etc etc.

But, the worst thing by far is we have a seemingly endless infestation of mystery animals in our house. Every once in a while, you hear tapping and thumping and skittering in the walls and ceilings. We laid a big cage trap, like the kind you use for squirrels, in the ceiling; which we found the next morning, crumpled and ripped apart, in the back yard. So then, we put poison in the ceilings. And within days, there id this huge brown water spot on the ceiling in the living room. So, we have to cut that whole chunk out of the ceiling, and we find a soaking wet dead rat, right where the puddle was, like it had been drowned and left there.

The activity had gone down now and there isn’t much happening lately, but whatever that thing was it certainly seems to be having fun.

FYNK James: 7/10. That is a very unsettling looking creature it sounds like. Also very very annoying. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy

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