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c0lumbia submitted:

Alright, this isn’t exactly scary but I thought about it for the first time in years and realised some pretty weird things. 

When I was young, anywhere between the ages of 3 (yes I remember back that far) and probably 10, I had a lot of weird problems sleeping. Under the age of 5 i had night terrors, and a couple occurrences of sleep paralysis, though i didn’t know what that was until years later. That subsided to just normal nightmares, but still constant and very vivid.

These are all of the relatively normal things that other people commonly deal with. However, the most bizarre thing looking back was, I would always have these dreams-though not exactly pleasant I wouldn’t consider them nightmares-where I would know I was asleep. I know this now as Lucid Dreaming. For some reason this would terrify me, and I would always scream for my mother. Sometimes she would actually hear me, and come to wake me up. Other times the pleas would not leave my subconscious and I would be stuck. I soon learned that in a dream, if I wanted out, I could close my eyes and cover my ears and, normally I would wake up. 

I got a little bit older and this happened less. But slowly progressed into…something else. when I was probably in second or third grade, when my mom would come to wake me up for school, I would go back to sleep, like most kids do. But while I was asleep I would think “I don’t want to be late, I’d better wake up.” So I would. I’d wake up, get out of bed, get dressed, and head upstairs to eat breakfast. My siblings would be eating, watching tv, the normal things. Except…when I tried to talk to them, they ignored me, acted like I wasn’t there. Every time, once this happened, everything would start to look blurry. I’d feel like I was floating, things would start to sound like I was under water. And then I would wake up…again. I would get up, get dressed, and go upstairs, again. Everyone would be dressed the same, doing the same things they were doing when I “woke up” the first time. I always tried to explain this to my mom when she’d get mad at me for sleeping in, but she just thought I was an imaginative child coming up with stories to get myself out of trouble.

This happened in other instances as well- if I napped anywhere and was in that strange place between sleep and consciousness. It truly confused my mom when I would relay information to her about things that happened while I was asleep in a different part of the house.

It wasn’t until these memories were triggered by something, that I realised…this was Astral Projection. Or at least, what people believed and described to be astral projection. I’ve researched a lot on the subject and it wasnt until recently that I found myself feeling a sense of deja vu when reading other peoples accounts of it. This made me wonder… If I was correct, how many times had I astral projected somewhere other than my own home, but never knew? Considering some of the “dreams” I had, the thought is truly terrifying. 

I debated for a while about whether I should post this anywhere, because it’s very personal. But I thought this would be a good place to do it. If anyone’s had similar experiences I’d love to hear about them.

James: 7/10 This is a nice, weird little read. What were those nightmares about? Thank you for sharing!




by cnkguy

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