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Pregnancy and the Paranormal


Pregnancy and the paranormal. Are the two related? While on the surface, the two topics couldn’t seem more different, many people believe that pregnant women attract attention from the other side. Some theorize this happens because the unborn are in a transitional phase and have an otherworldly guardian. Could there be truth to the theories? Here are a few creepy tales I’ve collected from pregnancy forums and discussion boards, plus one of my own experiences. What do you make of the stories?

Sounds in the Night

“Not trying to sound crazy, but since I’ve become pregnant, my cats have gone nuts and both my husband and I have been hearing strange noises in our home. Last night, it scared the hell out of us.

We were both in bed sleeping, and around 3:40 am we heard a loud, high-pitched whining noise coming from the living room. We had a fan on at the foot of our bed to help me breathe and cool off,  but we could hear the sound loud and clear over the fan.

We both shot up in bed and looked around. Both of our cats were awake and in bed with us, and their ears were perked but neither of them moved.

My husband was spooked and went investigating around the house but found nothing. I was too scared to leave the room! We have no appliances or cell phones or anything that could make a noise like that. We’ve lived here 5 years and have never had any occurrences until I became pregnant. What’s going on?” – Paranormal Activity and Pregnancy

Bumps in the Night

“I never really experienced anything with my first pregnancy, but during my second my husband and I would hear all kinds of noises like toys going off, the TV turning on or off, footsteps on the stairs , etc. It all stopped a couple months after I had my daughter. Now I’m pregnant with my third and had forgotten all about that stuff until lately!

My husband had to leave for the week, so me and the kids were home alone. I had no problem with it until two nights ago. I received a phone call at 2:30 am and it woke me up. I soon heard Tupperware being thrown around the kitchen, then footsteps coming up the stairs! I started to get scared and didn’t want to see anything, so I closed my eyes and laid down and heard the footsteps come into my room and walk around the bed! I was so terrified I called my husband and he calmed me down enough so I could get up and go pee.

Tonight we came home around 8:30, and I saw all my lights and TVs were on (I always turn everything off), and my curtains were all closed (I’d left them open). So I took a pic to send my husband, but white things appeared all over the picture…THEN we went up to bed and every dresser drawer was pulled out as far as they can go! I am just ready for my husband to come home. Oh, and when I went to go to the restroom last night, I saw a man’s shadow standing against the wall in the dining room. At first, I thought it was something making the shadow, but I looked around and couldn’t see anything that could do it, and then the shadow was gone!! There HAS TO BE SOME KIND OF CONNECTION with pregnancy and paranormal activity!” – Paranormal Activity and Pregnancy

Mama’s Boy

“When I was pregnant with my second son, we were living in Ft. Hood, TX. I lived next to a fellow army family with a four-month-old son, and one day the husband came home to find his wife not breathing. He called 911, but she passed away a few days later.

During the time she slowly died, I watched the couple’s baby while the father was at the hospital. Weird things would happen, but I didn’t think much of it YET because the mother was still alive, and it didn’t even cross my mind that it could be her.

A couple days after she died, I was keeping the baby overnight as his dad was having a REALLY hard time. That night sooooo many weird things happened. I had the baby asleep in a crib that was already set up for my son (who I was still pregnant with) because I had nowhere else for him to sleep safely. Later on, I heard him cry on the monitor and when I woke up to get him, he was LITERALLY fast sleep. No whimpers, NOTHING. When I laid back down, the little bears on a mobile attached to a bassinet in my room started to move round and round. And I ‘felt’ her watching me.

I tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t because I kept hearing stuff on the monitor, either the baby crying or a woman whispering or the mobile swinging. About an hour later, the baby did wake up, and I sat in the glider next to the crib in my son’s soon-to-be nursery. I seriously felt her watching me again. It was the weirdest thing, and I swear it’s like she was making sure I did what she would have done. I couldn’t help it, I just started to cry. Not only were my prego hormones going crazy, but I was holding a baby who had just lost his mama.

He ate and fell back asleep, and I placed him back in the crib and returned to my room. Again, the bears started swinging. Needless to say, the weirdness of the night kept coming. I finally went and just picked the baby up and held him for the rest of the night. Nothing else happened. I still think that’s what she wanted all along. She wanted me to hold him.”- “Pregnancy and Sensitivity to Ghosts?

Shadow People

“I’m 8 months pregnant, and lately I’ve been seeing what some describe as shadow people in my home.

About a month or two ago, I began noticing shadowy movement just out of my range of sight. The perceived movement is always VERY brief, a second or two at most, and always vanishes the instant I look up. I can’t really say if the shadows are humanoid, though on a couple of occasions I thought I saw my toddler daughter walking in the hallway or my husband returning from the bathroom when they were actually in a different part of the house. I also saw a distinct flash in the kitchen, though I dismissed it as lightning or sunlight bouncing off a metallic object outside. Last night, I mentioned the sightings to my husband, who I fully expected to tease me. However, he’s seen them too. I hope we’re just imagining things.” – “Shadow People in My House?

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Pregnancy and the Paranormal

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