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Possible dopplegänger?

chaaarmanderchar submitted

Hi, this isn’t really scary but I found it super weird and I thought I would share it.

Well, it happened maybe two or three years ago? My parents were having dinner upstairs with a friend, and I was downstairs having a nap. It was about 8-9 pm. My mom got into the downstairs livingroom (where I was dozing off) and said: “For how long have you been here?” She looked startled.

I said I’d been chillaxing there since I’d been done eating, which meant I’d been there since about 7pm. She stared at me and said: “But I just talked to you upstairs?”

Needless to say, it sent chills down my spine. Apparently, she said she thought I was sitting upstairs just a few minutes ago, that when she got out of the dining room to get in the kitchen she’d seen me sitting in the living room and she had talked to me but I didn’t reply. I thought she might have dreamed but the furniture upstairs is pale beige and I was wearing a black hoodie that evening, it’s kinda hard to imagine something like this? Anyway that really unsettled me back then and it still does, though we never experienced anything weird in my house (it was built by my parents when I was a year old) and seeing all these döppleganger posts. I thought it might be it.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: 8/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!

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by cnkguy
Possible dopplegänger?

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