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Photographer captures image of Dead Samurai

Samurai Ghost with girl

Samurai Ghost with girl

Photographer captures image of Dead Samurai

A father taking a holiday picture of his little girl at the beach may have been photobombed by a disembodied SAMURAI GHOST.

The little girl posed for a series of photos on a beach in Zushi, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan, while on holiday there from their home in Canada.

After taking five shots on his Samsung Galaxy smartphone, the father looked back through the images and spotted the mysterious black boots behind the girl.

Samurai Ghost with little girl

The Reddit user who posted the pictures online is a friend of the photographer, and insists it was ‘not photoshopped’ and that paranormal forces could be at work as it was “nearby some samurai tombs” he said.

He went on to say, “My friend took this pictures of his kid. He’s a bit too disturbed by it all to post himself, so I am doing it for him because I’m fascinated by it.”

Samurai Ghost with little girl

“Nobody was around when the photo was taken and certainly nobody was behind her. He took about five photos of her at this spot over a period of about two minutes.”

“I’ve known this guy for years and trust him. It has definitely not been Photoshopped, but I’m also not saying this is anything.”

He then suggested that they look like samurai boots saying, “I know there are several very old samurai tombs nearby.”

“Again, not saying that this is what is there, just that, based on preliminary research, this is my best guess.”

One viewer commented, “My grandfather was in the pacific theater (Okinawa Japan) in WWII and I recognize what the man in the background is wearing. Its a US Navy Uniform from WWII.”

Still others have suggested it is just an optical illusion, or the presence of a real-life human being.

Jack_Shid said, “Looks like a living person in boots and dark pants and a light blue, possibly denim colored shirt. Because of the perspective, the rest of the person is hidden behind the girl.”

The Reddit user who posted the pictures goes by the name, Obiaruf.




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Photographer captures image of Dead Samurai

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