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Peeking In


kathinkja submitted:

I’ve spent years debating whether this was supernatural or a result of the medication at the time…but I’ll let you decide for yourself.

When I was 19 I had to get a root canal done. One of the pain killers they prescribe is percocet, a pretty decent narcotic for knocking out pain. Now, I only had about 20 and I took about 2 per day for the pain, so there is absolutely no reason I should have hallucinated what happened.

It was the second day after the root canal. I was in pain, but sober. The anesthesia had worn off, I was back to being conscious and perfectly aware of everything around me. I was getting some pain, so I took two percs and washed them down with some water. Then I sat at my computer for a bit and let the drug kick in. I was in a mild high when I heard my cat running around in the hall. My cat at the time had this pretty cute habit of running around like a maniac and then he’d creep up to my door, push it open just a bit with his paw, and peer in the crack as if he was waiting for me to open the door and cordially invite him in. I’d either have to open the door all the way for him to come in, or just go ‘psss pss psss’ and he’d push into the room by himself.

After hearing the pattering of his paws, the door cracked open a bit. I was feeling really sluggish and didn’t want to get up because of the percs so I just called out to him- “pss pss psss”. The crack widened just a tiny bit, and I said “Hey there buddy-“  and nearly felt my heart explode when I looked down and did not see my cat peering in the crack, but a girls head at a weird angle so that only one eye and half of her smile was showing. I screamed and slammed the door, locking it, and called my mother in hysterics, begging her to come home and babbling incoherently about a girl peering in the door. She didn’t understand of course, but she heard my panic and came home immediately.

I didn’t open that door until I heard mom come home, her keys jingling as she ran up the stairs, and her voice outside my room. I told her what happened, but she chalked it up to the painkillers. After that, I stayed away from the percs and simply bore the pain for the next week. I never saw the girl again, but I always wondered what the hell happened that day. I have taken other painkillers since, and in larger quantities, and never have I ever experienced any hallucinations like that.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 6/10 I appreciate your cat a lot.  Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
Peeking In

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