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Paranormal Q&A: Para Sceptic

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Welcome to Paranormal Q&A! In this series, I interview paranormal investigators, authors, and more to learn about their interests and experiences in the field. If you’re interested in being featured, contact me here or email me at This week, I talk with Para_Sceptic, a paranormal researcher in the U.K.

Why are you interested in the paranormal?

It’s the pure unknown factor. It is in our human nature to question things we don’t understand and think paranormal research is proof of that.

There were three experiences throughout my life that always made me want to question what was going on. But at the time, i just accepted it and carried on with life.

I started investigating with my girlfriend to find out if any of the paranormal claims were real. After a while, we started getting EVPs and were hooked on the paranormal from that point.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Yes, but not the general image of a ghost being the spirit of a once living person. My theories and belief in the paranormal is that events in history create an “energy.” I think that a ghost is nothing visual, nothing you can see with a photograph, but something that can manipulate our brains into thinking we see a “ghost.”

Are you partial to any particular paranormal theory?

My focus is intelligent hauntings (spontaneous cases), but like explained in the question above, my theory of a ghost is not what is considered the typical theory of a ghost.

Do you investigate allegedly haunted locations, either on your own or as part of team? If so, what are your most memorable experiences?

I now investigate alone, and it’s been pretty quiet in the lines of spontaneous activity to put down as a memorable experience. However, when I was part of team we conducted a investigation at the Racton ruins, and it seemed very active. A tripod holding a data-logger gun suddenly flew across the tower. Little did we know until reviewing, that the pressure in the holder was too strong for the gun and the holder snapped. Given the events we thought we had a poltergeist.

Do you use any particular equipment when you investigate?

I have tried and tested lots of different equipment – from EMF meters to spirit boxes – but I now keep it minimal and just take a digital recorder, camera, and a notepad. Notes during a investigation is the most important bit of equipment, often overlooked by many groups.

What do you think of paranormal investigation shows? Celebrities in the paranormal industry?

The disclaimer they put in front of the show is there for a reason. It is entertainment and not to be taken seriously.
It’s full of actors and egos supported by lots of money that shouldn’t be involved in research because broadcasting and ego have no place in paranormal research. TV is not the only sinner. YouTube is just as bad with lots of copycats replicating Ghost Adventures, and you can’t question anything about their episodes or results because they never want opinions.

Is there a haunted site you find particular intriguing?

Para-Science is a great organisation in the scientific part of the paranormal community a lot of crucial information for anyone interested into paranormal.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Question everything!

You can find Para Sceptic on Twitter @Para_Sceptic or on his website, Para-Sceptic.

Source: Learn about Paranormal Activity and Real Hauntings here, plus see and explore Ghost Towns



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Paranormal Q&A: Para Sceptic

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