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Paranormal Investigation: The Ghosts of the Dai Loy Museum

The Dai Loy Museum is located in the town of Locke, California.  This historic district was built in 1915 by Chinese immigrants located in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.  This area was rich in agriculture and home to the largest Chinese Community in the United States, but Locke is also one of the most haunted towns in California.

To a historian, Locke looks good on paper with its rich cultural past, but what you won’t read about is seedy underbelly of the town’s real past and sinister deeds.  Gambling halls and brothels were once a main source of income for residents of Locke.  These businesses brought outsiders in from the surrounding cities.  There were many rumors of cheaters getting their hands cut off and children being forced into prostitution.  Greed, underage prostitution and murder was the perfect combination to create a supernatural storm trapping spirits and denying them the chance to move on and to be finally be laid to rest.

My first experience with The Dai Loy was through Ryan Privee, a haunted tour guide in the town of Locke.  Ryan scheduled our group to go on his haunted tour in July.  In the interim Ryan’s friend Jason Voor Hees, who had been on his tour a month before had collected some interesting EVPs and wondered if I could help with the editing.  What Jason captured was incredible.

This first EVP was captured on the second floor of the Dai Loy.  What you are hearing is the voice of two children.  The first child is whispering “Help us,” and the other child is clearly saying “father.”  You are also hearing a loud background noise.  While recording this EVP session the entire building was quiet and empty, so we concluded that the sound you are hearing is residual.  If you listen carefully you will hear cards being shuffled at the gaming tables inside the museum as if time had reverted back to the early 1900’s.

EVP 1: “Help us”

The first building on the block is a school house for their children so it was not uncommon for children to be part of the towns past, so it was no surprise to hear an EVP of a child.

My friend Jason also captured the voices of an old man and woman who seemed to be confused by the spirit box and camera’s being used during this tour. But the biggest surprise of all was when I heard the spirits saying my name and in the second EVP they said my first and last name.  I did not know Jason when he captured these EVPS so you can imagine my surprise when the ghosts of Dai Loy were calling out to me.

EVP 2: “Holly” “Whoa” “What’s this, is it for spirits or something?” “Or anybody else too.”

EVP 3: “Get off that.” “Holly Bell.”  “Holly stop.”

On July 16th my group co-founder Renee Daw and I went on the ghost tour in Locke to experience this place ourselves.  During the tour we visited the Dai Loy Museum which was the main gambling hall and brothel.  Renee and I arrived a little early to get a feel of the museum.  Right away we experienced the sound of children running around upstairs.  When the owner stopped by he ensured us that it would not be possible for anyone to be upstairs because that particular area was the attic.  From there we went next door to a museum that was once a restaurant.  In our opinion that museum was quiet and devoid of anything paranormal.  Our final place on the tour was the school house.  The school house had been rumored to be haunted but after the tour we came to the conclusion that the paranormal being experienced there was most likely residual at best.

We were able to capture some EVP’s from the Dai Loy.  This first EVP was me talking about hearing someone sit down in a bench right next to me.  As I was talking to Renee about it the spirit answered.

EVP 4: “It was me.”

This next EVP was the spirits discussing the fact that I had arrived.  I may never know how they knew I was coming.  There are many theories as to why.  My hope is that one day I do find the answers that plague me, but for now I will continue to search for the right ones.

EVP 5:  “Holly really came.”

Our experience during this tour was enough for me to bring out our team for a full investigation of the Dai Loy.  So July 23rd, one week later our group SPIRIT Paranormal was back.  During this investigation our EMF (Electro Magnetic Detectors) were going off all night. While upstairs, which is where they had the brothel we were hearing footsteps, whispers, captured an incredible photograph and we captured many EVP’s.

This photograph was taken by myself upstairs in one of the bedrooms.  It was taken without  flash, and there was no light coming into the room.

Paranormal Investigation: A Haunting in the Town of Locke

At the end of the night we used our spirit box to see if we could have direct communication.  At the beginning of our session one of our motion detectors that Ryan Privee was kind enough to loan us went off in a back room.  When I entered the room I heard the name Bo Ying so we asked the spirit box if there was a Bo Ying in the room with us.  To our amazement the spirit box confirmed the name.

Spirit Box Session

During our investigation the evidence and personal experiences made it very clear to us, the Dai Loy Museum is haunted by the spirits from the time that sinister deeds were a way of life and that the children of their time were exposed to things that should never be seen by a child.  Please understand we don’t make a habit of crossing spirits over without the permission of the owner or tour guide, but between the children asking for help from past EVPS and the oppressed feeling inside that building we have no doubt that we are dealing with many “earthbound spirits” who have been haunting the Dai Loy for over a century and were desperate for someone to come along and show them the way home, that is exactly what we did.   One little girl in particular seemed so scared and alone and no one should be denied help in order for others to turn a profit.  It’s hard to tell how many crossed over but we do know that the little girl that reached out to us from the very beginning is finally at peace, as it should have been a century ago.

The Dai Loy investigation had an affect on me like no other.  I am not sure if was those first EVP’s reaching out to me from beyond the vale or the little girl who had been so desperate to finally be going home.  One thing is for sure, we gave them a voice and although we crossed over many of the ghosts some are still there haunting this old museum, so the next time you visit the Dai Loy and you hear a whisper it’s probably a century old ghost welcoming you to the Dai Loy.

If the dead cannot rest in peace, how on earth can the living?”

Paranormal 360 staff writer, Spirit Girl is the founder and  lead investigator of the Sacramento Paranormal Investigation and Research Team (SPIRiT).

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Paranormal Investigation: The Ghosts of the Dai Loy Museum

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