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Anonymous submitted:

This could also be just a wild coincidence, but it just felt so strange to me. I was rearranging my office with my partner and was hanging up a painting I bought 20 years ago. My partner asked me about the painter then looked him up and saw he was now dead. He looked up to see how much the painting was worth, and as soon as he said I should consider selling it, I felt a cold gust of wind in our office (the doors and windows were all closed) and the wire (which has held on for 20 years) broke and the painting fell to the ground. It was unharmed, only the wire in the frame was broken. It feels like the artist didn’t like the idea of me selling his painting. He died in Japan, but maybe wherever his art is, he is?

James: 6/10 Artists suffer even into the afterlife it seems. Thanks for sharing!




by cnkguy

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