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Over your shoulder

Anonymous submitted:

This happened when I was really young, like 4 or 5. Anyways, my neighborhood is pretty tightly packed so you could see pretty clearly into the neighbor’s house if the windows were aligned. In my room upstairs, you could see down and into my neighbor’s living room and stairwell. Sorry if this is hard to imagine. The stairwell is in the living room which doesn’t have a floor above it. Anyways, it was getting really late (late being around 7 or 8 o’clock probably) and I didn’t want to go to sleep. My mom wasn’t having any of it so she put me to bed and turned off the lights. While grumpily lying in bed, I thought I could build a case for staying up if I could prove that my neighbors were awake. So I opened my blinds and looked into the living room. Sure enough it was lit and there was my neighbor walking around. Only there was somebody walking right behind him. Right behind him and towering above him. The neighbor didn’t seem to notice this person. I kept watching and realized it wasn’t a person, not really, and my skin turned pale. I remember just being so frightened. It was something dressed all in black with chalk white skin and it grinned ear from ear and hovered as it followed my neighbor through the living room and up the stairs. And I swear to God at some point it turned and grinned at me. I screamed so loud and I don’t remember what happened next, only that when my mom came into my room and turned off the light and I tried to show her, the ghost or whatever it was was gone. She told me it was just my imagination. But I knew then it wasn’t.

About twelve years later when the neighbor kid was moving off to college and I was helping him pack, he mentioned how he was looking forward to living in a place where two people weren’t murdered. I turned pale, remembering what happened when  I was a kid and asked him what he meant. He told me a couple was murdered several years before they moved in and they never caught the killer.

FYNK James: 9/10 It sounds like your neighbor was possibly walking with a dead man over his shoulder. (I’m trying to reference Dead Man’s Party by Oingo Boingo, one of the all time Halloween bops). Anyways that was still hella scary. Thanks for sharing!




by cnkguy
Over your shoulder

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