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Ouija Board

randomnow submitted: 

I live in a two story house in Michigan. I’ve lived there for about two years with my dad and my aunt lived here before us.

About a year ago my dad brought home a Ouija Board. I’ve always been wary of the things and I immediately asked him to get rid of it. Needless to say he didn’t. He explained that he wanted to take it up to our cabin to scare his girlfriends kids with. They both thought it would be funny to give them a bit of a scare and he had been winding them up telling them stories about how haunted it was. And truthfully there have been some weird things that have happened there.

Either way he took it up to the cabin and had his fun, but things started getting weird after we got home. I started hearing things in the room next to me, like knocking on the wall and on the door. It had been a few weeks since we’d gotten home from the cabin and I had made the mistake of leaving the board in the garage, which was directly under the spare room. 

I started seeing things in the mirror in that room and soon I wouldn’t even go into the room. My friend kept telling me to get rid of it but I kept putting it off, which was a huge mistake. I started to have nightmares but I couldn’t remember them completely. I would wake up half asleep and would see black figured, and once a person crouched on my ceiling. Needless to say I was terrified, but thought it was all nightmares. 

Eventually things got so bad that I finally decided to get rid of it. I was in the living room one night when I heard my dog whining to come inside. I started for the kitchen, and the backyard, before I realized that my dog was sleeping at the foot of the stairs right by the kitchen. I stopped at the kitchen door and the sound stopped. I refused to go into the room and decided to act like nothing had occurred  It happened again a few nights later when I was going out to my car. The sound was coming from the side of my house and it sounded exactly like my dog, who has a very odd, distinct whine. I thought I saw something but I was too scared to stick around and ran into the house. That night I had a nightmare that something got into my house and tried to drag me out of bed. It was a horrifying black thing with the head of a dog and too many sharp teeth for it’s mouth. It had ears like a husky but there were really ragged and it’s eyes were just holes. The thing that struck me though was it’s fingers, which were far too long and had sharp gnarled claws and the fact that it’s body was human, although with too long limbs to match it’s fingers. When I woke up in the morning I had a horrible bruise around my wrist that hadn’t been there before. At that point I wasn’t sure it was a nightmare at all.

I knew burning it was out of the question(I’ve read enough stories) so I asked for advice from my friend, who is pretty heavily into spirits and things like that. I wasn’t about to doubt her so I decided to take her advice. She told me to bury it far away from any houses, and preferably any trails, in the woods. She said to wrap it in a new sheet and cover it in salt. She also told me that if I really wanted to to work I should take some sort of food offering for any spirits that might live in the forest. I decided that it couldn’t hurt. 

I went home right away and grabbed the board, still in it’s box, and a sheet. As I was trying to wrap the board up it kept sticking to my fingers, like someone had spilled a sugary drink on it or something, but my hands were dry and the box was spotless. For some reason I couldn’t get the box wrapped up, the sheet kept tearing, which was pretty startling considering it was a new sheet, and even then I kept wanting to stop and just leave it. I eventually got it wrapped as well as I could and jumped in my car. It wasn’t hard to find a good place to bury it.

The whole drive there I had chills and it felt like someone was sitting right behind me, but there wasn’t anyone there. I had the same feeling the whole hike to where I was going to bury it. It took me much longer then it should have to dig the hole, but my spade (I wasn’t about to carry a shovel out there) kept bending when I was trying to dig even though the ground was soft. I eventually gave up and just used my hands. I put the board in the hole and covered it with salt and left a food offering. The walk out of the woods was much better then the one in. 

Since then things have almost completely stopped, but every once in awhile I’ll think I see that thing again. I just hope that it’s my imagination. I’ve stopped seeing things in that mirror but I still hate the room.  

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey : 8/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!

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Ouija Board

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