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Anonymous submitted:

Hi, could this be anonymous please? Thank you!

So, when I was about 6 years old, I got to move out of the bedroom my brother and I shared and have my own room. Because I had spent so many years sharing a room with another person, this room always felt way too big and way too empty, and because it was down a long hallway it felt totally cut off from the rest of the house.

Maybe it was because I often felt crushingly lonely in that room that something would come in to try and keep me company. Being six years old, I would sometimes call for my mom at night for whatever reason. She would always come to my room to ask me what was wrong, but sometimes something else beat her there. I knew it was my “not-mom” (and shout out to Coraline for giving me a heart attack the first time I saw the other mother) because she would always walk in too quickly, like seconds after I called.

My “not-mom” looked like my mother except she simultaneously looked nothing like her. I don’t know how to describe it other than that uncanny valley feeling you get when something that’s definitely not human tries very hard to LOOK human.

She would always turn the light on, like my actual mom would have, but the light never quite “stuck” to her the right way. It was as if she was still standing in the dark even though the rest of the room was lit up. I could see her face, but the rest of her body was more like a silhouette.

She would always try to talk to me in the same way my actual mom would have, but I distinctly remember the way she would open her mouth to form words, and nothing but gibberish would come out. The whole time she spoke her eyes would just bore holes through the space right above my head – she never made eye contact, and I was always terrified that one day she would look me dead in the eyes and something terrible would happen to me.

Every time, obviously, I would shout even louder for my real mom to come help me, and every time she would come rushing in. Whenever my mom stepped one foot over the threshold of my bedroom, her doppelganger would disappear like mist. And that’s how I knew I couldn’t be dreaming, because my mom and I would carry on a conversation immediately after she vanished without me having to wake myself up at all. That, and the fact that the light was always left on.

This happened at least once a week until we moved out of that house to a new state, and it’s never happened again. I have always been a tiny bit irrationally afraid of sleeping in the same room as my mom after that. I had this fear that I would look over at her and it would be whatever that thing was, and it would be looking me right in the eyes.

James: 8/10 Neat! Interesting description of a doppelganger. Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
Other Mom

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