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Albion Falls in Hamilton. Jane Riley’s specter has been seen since her suicide and some tourists have witnessed her fatal fall repeating itself. Other paranormal activities are disembodied voices and there have been reports of Riley herself, speaking to some people, light anomalies, general feeling of unease and of being watched. It was featured on Creepy Canada.

Bytown Museum in Ottawa. This building is said to be haunted by Colonel John By, the builder of the canal, and his assistant General Duncan McNab. The reported paranormal activities issue with electronic equipment including televisions going on and off by themselves and strange messages appearing on computer screens in empty rooms. Male voices yelling and saying “get out”. Anonymous female visitors have been pushed hard in empty rooms. In the doll exhibit, children have been heard crying the dolls have seen moving and winking at witnesses. It was featured on Creepy Canada and The Girly Ghosthunters.

Cornwall Jail in Cornwall. Paranormal activities include apparitional women and children roaming the halls, spectral sounds of a man humming, sounds of crying, and mysterious footsteps. Security guards also have been reporting about shadowy figures walking through the halls and cells. Cell doors that are left to be open are later found shut. Other paranormal activities are mysterious smells, light anomalies, doors open and close on their own, lights turn on and off by themselves, feelings of being watched by specters, unwanted and unease, unexplained smells and cold spots.It was featured on Ghost Hunters.

Fairmont Royal York in Toronto. An apparitional senior man walks in the halls of the eighth floor, the specter of an employee who hung himself in the stairway leading to the roof, the closed Crystal Ballroom where the elevator will go to on its own and chandeliers shake and guests of this hotel below the room have complained about noise and loud music, lights turn off and on on their own, ghostly children have been heard laughing and screaming in the hallways but disappear when a door is opened.

Fort George in Niagara-on-the-Lake. It was one of Canada’s strongholds during the War of 1812. Thousands of British and Canadian troops who spent their entire lives here suffered enduring hardship, sudden death and loneliness. Many of their specters are seen by visitors wandering the grounds to this day. A tour guide once approached a young boy who was talking into thin air. The boy identified his imaginary friend as a soldier wearing yellow facings (the same color as soldiers once stationed here). There have been dozens of reports about a woman, in period clothing combing her hair, reflected in one of the mirrors in the Officer’s Quarters. Oddly, people are now reporting the same woman sitting in the room as if she somehow escaped from the mirror and is now free to roam this building. Mysterious reports have also emerged from the tunnel that leads to a powder magazine located outside its walls. Two tour guides once found themselves locked in the bunkhouse after they had spotted strange shadows moving around the ground floor bunkroom. It was featured on Creepy Canada and The Girly Ghosthunters.

Fort Henry in Kingston. Nils von Schoultz’s specter (the leader of a failed American invasion hung for treason) is seen wandering this fort. The gallows on which he was hung on is also still seen by visitors; although they were torn down over one hundred years ago. Other paranormal reports are objects move by themselves, doors open and close by themselves, feeling of being watched, apparitional footsteps, disembodied voices and light anomalies.It was featured on Ghost Hunters and The Girly Ghosthunters.

Gibraltar Point Lighthouse on Toronto Islands. The first lighthouse keeper, John Paul Radelmuller, was murdered by soldiers from nearby Fort York looking for bootlegged beer on January 2, 1815. They chased him up the stairs where he was knocked unconscious and then chopped up and his body was buried. These soldiers were charged with murder but eventually acquitted. A coffin was found in 1893 buried in the sand with a jawbone in it but it is not clear whether this was part of the lighthouse keeper’s remains or not. There have been reports by witnesses of moaning on foggy nights and Mueller’s apparition has been seen by visitors wandering the grounds. It was featured on Creepy Canada.

The Hermitage in Ancaster. Disembodied whispers and voices are heard by visitors in the forest surrounding the house. William Black is still heard by witnesses weeping near the crossroads where his body was laid to rest. The house has been seen completely restored and filled with lights and the sounds of party taking place. Multiple apparitions have been wandering on the property including that of Alma. Other paranormal activities are light anomalies, apparitional footsteps, mysterious mists, a general feeling of unease and of being watched and screams, bangs and other unexplained sounds. It was featured on The Girly Ghosthunters.

Kingston Penitentiary in Kingston. A spectral prisoner named George Hewell swears revenge on the security guard who took his life in 1897. Hewell was not a model inmate. He would frequently attack both security guards and inmates. On one such occasion he chose the wrong guard. In order to protect his own life, the security officer was forced to take the life of the insane prisoner. With his dying breath, Hewell swore revenge on his killer. The security guard thought nothing of this threat; that is until one day, while making his rounds. It was featured on Creepy Canada.

Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Toronto. Disembodied voices and unexplained noises are frequently reported by tourists at this location. Witnesses have described feelings of being watched and of unease – sometimes to the point of fear (although that could also be the person’s natural sense of fear in a cemetery; especially one so large). Other paranormal activities include light anomalies, electrical disturbances, touches and tugs by invisible presences (including one story where an employee was pushed off of a lawn tractor), shadow figures and objects disappearing.

Old Fort Erie in Fort Erie. Paranormal activity reports include apparitional former soldiers (both American and British) are seen throughout this fort on the ramparts and in the grounds surrounding this fort, apparitional sounds of battle including cannon and musket fire as well as men screaming orders has been heard by visitors, disembodied voices throughout this fort and grounds. In addition, spectral reenactments are seen apart for the real ones done for the tourists every summer. Other paranormal activity reports are being touched and pushed (one of our own team members was pushed to the ground while hearing a rather nasty voice say “get out of the way”), electronic devices malfunctioning, light anomalies, mysterious mists, shadow figures, feelings of unease, being watched and not being wanted by specters, spooky screams near where the Bastion exploded and objects moving on their own. It was featured on Ghost Adventures.

Ottawa Jail Hostel in Ottawa. Many prisoners met their death while remaining in this jail. When individuals lost their life within the prison, they were often burned and buried in a makeshift cemetery that was located in the back of the establishment. There was also a “Death Row” in which many feel is haunted by several ghosts that were put to death there. One example of a ghost that is considered to lurk among this area is a man whose name was Patrick James Whelan. Many tourists have said that they have seen his full apparitional writing, wandering in the area, and walking towards the area that was considered to be the “gallows” when this structure served as a prison. It was featured on Creepy Canada and The Girly Ghosthunters.


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