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On the Trail of Florida's Bigfoot—the Skunk Ape

On the Trail of Florida’s Bigfoot—the Skunk Ape:

The first time Dave Shealy saw a skunk ape, he
says, he was ten years old. It was 1974, a few years after his father had come
upon a set of footprints left by the creature—an Everglades version of Bigfoot
named for its supposedly pungent odor. Dave was out deer hunting with his older
brother, Jack, in the swamp behind his house, in what’s now Big Cypress National
, when he encountered the ape incarnate.

“It was walking across the swamp, and my brother spotted
it first. But I couldn’t see it over the grass—I wasn’t tall enough,” Shealy
says. “My brother picked me up, and I saw it, about 100 yards away. We were
just kids, but we’d heard about it, and knew for sure what we were looking at.
It looked like a man, but completely covered with hair.”

reading at The Smithsonian.

Source: Equinox Paranormal

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On the Trail of Florida's Bigfoot—the Skunk Ape

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