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omg okay, ahah there’s been a couple, but imma start this off saying that me and my whole family are pretty sensitive to ghosts and shit and that sounds like we’re crazy.

so when we moved to my hometown, our first house was haunted af. like straight up. Doors would slam shut, we’d see people walking in our basement as we go down the stairs, electronics would turn on randomly in the night, my brother (he’s the most sensitive) would literally see faces staring at him when he’d just be chilling. you would also hear foot steps too. 

Then we moved to our next house which wasnt as haunted (it felt not as evil (only word i can use to describe it) as the first one). but it definitely had ghosts. I remember one time i was just chillin on my bed reading archie comics, as you do, when i looked up and saw a very tall old man walk in to my parents room. I was like wtf but wasn’t that freaked out bc at this point i was using to seeing shit. Years later i told my parents this story and they both were like what the fuck……. their room used to smell like old people all the time and they could never get rid of the smell, ever!

Then my parents divorced and my dad’s house was a newly renovated town house so it looked new but was still pretty old and i always felt some crazy shit and my mom’s places too were just creepy.

Then ive lived in multiple other houses where it feels like something is there, you hear and see shit out of the corner of your eyes, my brother sees faces still. I can usually tell when im in a house whether its haunted or not and whether its like a ghost with bad intentions or not. Like my house im in now is defintiely haunted but it doesn’t seem bad. I swear its a little boy and my room mates agree cause theyve seen shadows as well. 

Idk i sound crazy but 


i hope this makes sense too, im so bad at writing lol




by cnkguy

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