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Old Mask.

ponyboydean submitted:

I always loved theatre, and it’s history. How the Greeks would wear these Masks made of wood, some were scary with large eyes and a malicious expression, which is like the one I found while at an auction. It is a dark red with large eyes and a wide sinister smile. I hung it up in my room, because i thought it looked cool. It hung there without incident for months until about April of last year I slowly began to hear whispers at night around 3 am, it was a mans voice but i couldn’t understand it. I decided to ignore it. One night, a month later; I was sleeping when a sudden sharp ringing was in my ears and my eyes wouldn’t open, they were being forced shut. I would try to pry them open with my hands but could only feel the old wood of the mask on my face. Then as sudden as it came, it went away, and i woke up in a cold sweat. It has only happened twice since then, but the past two times I have gotten nose bleeds and wake up confused of where I am. I haven’t told anyone..

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: SMOKIN’! 9/10 All right that’s terrifying.  Please find a way to dispose of the mask.




by cnkguy
Old Mask.

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