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October 2014

Black eyed child ghost

Ghost of  Samuel Kent

The Ghost of Samuel Kent

Proud new home owner Michelle Midwinter, took pictures of her house in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, to show her friends on Facebook.

But when she took a close look a the picture she noticed to her disbelief that there was a face looking out the window at her.

“I went outside and took a picture but after initially admiring the brickwork the face just sort of jumped out at me,” she said.

Samuel Kent
“I ran into the house to make sure no one was in there because I knew everyone else was at work, but it was just me and my two-year-old daughter.”

Ms. Midwinter, 30, said none of her friends could explain the ghostly image.

Now after seeing bizarre goings-on in the house, including a clock falling off the wall, have convinced her there is a ghost present.

Local historian Andrew Jones, 50, believes the photo bears a striking resemblance to Samuel Kent, who died in 1872, and is the father of infamous murderer Constance Kent, who killed her three-year-old brother when she was 16 in 1860.

Mr. Kent was originally the suspect in the 1860 Rode Hill House murder, but his daughter was arrested and eventually convicted of murdering his three-year-old son.

“From looking at the photograph, to me it looks like Samuel Kent. I know Samuel lived and worked as a factory inspector in the area, so there’s every chance it could be him,” said Mr Jones.



Mr Townsend with ghost picure

Groundskeeper photographs Ghost

Reverend Edward Roberts loved to play cricket at the Birmingham club before and after his death in 1891, but this new photo is the first time his ghost has been caught on camera.

Groundskeeper, Trevor Townsend, 66, took the picture of the ghost, who has a long, white beard, top hat and long coat.

Mr. Townsend claims to have seen the ghost before, moving beer mats around and throwing wicker baskets across the room.

Mr Townsend's ghost picture
The old vicar preached in nearby church, and spent his Saturdays at Harborrne Cricket Club, it was there that other club-goers said they have seen the specter walking down on Saturdays to see the game.

Mr. Townsend took this picture back in June but it was only last week that he noticed the bearded ghost like image.

He said, “I retired from being full time groundsman but still go and advise the new workers.”

“It was late morning and there was just the two of us at the pitch and I just took a picture of the new groundsman sweeping the wicket.”

“I didn’t know how to zoom in on pictures because it was a new phone so when I was flicking through it last week and I accidentally zoomed in on this one.”

“I zoomed in on the groundsman and was looking around the picture and just saw the figure there.”

“After looking through an old Harborne book I am sure it has to be the vicar because it has a big white beard.”

“It is known he used to come and watch the games and people have said they have spotted him in the past.”

Mr. Townsend said he had had an encounter with this ghost before saying, “It was about four years ago I was in the kitchen with a young man who was helping me.”

“He was standing by the work surface, with shelves to the right. On one was a wok with a wicker basket inside.”

“The basket simply lifted up and hit him on the head. He didn’t want to stay in there after that.”

“I just got used to them in the end. I was a sceptic at first but when the wok incident happened I was convinced there must be some truth to the theories.”




Sally Cudmore from Blackheath

Medium relays messages from the Dead

Sally Cudmore, 43, from Blackheath in London, said she began seeing visions of the future while working on a hospital special care ward.

This mother of three gave up her nursing career to answer her calling as a medium.

She said that when patients were near death at the Lewisham hospital where she worked, she would see red and black surrounding them.

Sally first began to see spirits as a young girl but she managed to pushed back her psychic abilities.

But when she began training as a nurse, she was unable to shut herself off from the spirit world any longer.

She said, “As a trainee nurse I quickly got used to death and I cared for people in their final days.”

“But it was the spirits coming back that I wasn’t ready for. Life in a hospital was harder than I could have ever imagined.”

“There was one occasion where a patient’s family were all remarking how well she looked and how they thought she was getting better.”

“I saw the red and black surrounding her and within the hour she was dead. I’m only human and it does get to you, especially when it’s children.”

One day she discovered that she could use her powers to bring comfort to grieving relatives and often approaches strangers to pass on messages.

“I would see family members that would be coming for their loved ones. I was able to pass on messages and comfort people in their grief,” she said.

“That was when I started to realize that I had a gift and I should use it to help people.”

“I’ve done it so many times. I’ve been in Asda or Sainsburys and if I’ve seen a spirit there I have to give the message.”

“Sometimes people are a little bit apprehensive when I approach them but once they hear the accuracy of the message they are usually really grateful.”

“I feel like I have a duty to comfort people who are grieving.”

It was in 2011, that she helped the police find an old woman with dementia who had been missing for four nights.

Working with police officers, Sally said she pointed on a map to where the woman was and they managed to find her.

“I felt a strong connection with her and I knew that she was alive, but if she wasn’t found she would be dead within 24 hours.”

“I pointed out where I thought she was on the map and the police found her in an allotment. She had been sleeping on the ground for days with no food and water.”

“The doctors said she was three hours from death. If I hadn’t connected with her she would have died, I saved her life.”

But her abilities don’t always bring positive results so now she is more careful about what she reveals in her readings.

Saying, “I saw a triangle when I spoke to one lady. I said to her, ‘I can see you, a man and another woman’.”

“She told me that she knew her partner was having an affair and when I gave her the other woman’s name she confirmed it.”

“But later I got a phone call from her partner and he was furious and demanding how I knew the information.”

“It came out later that he was having an affair and I’d confirmed his girlfriend’s suspicions.”
Grey Lady ghost

Grey Lady ghost captured in picture

It appears that Dean and Amy Harper may have photographed the fabled Grey Lady after a visit to the famous Dudley Castle.

The ghost was seen in the Sharington Range, which was built inside the castle in the mid-1500s.

The couple had taken many pictures that day and it wasn’t until that evening when they were looking at them did they spot the ‘Grey Lady’ standing in an archway.

“We went up to the castle ruins and while we were up there we thought we’d get some pictures of the grounds.” Dean said about the day.

“On looking through the images that night, Amy saw a glow, as though a light was on, on the top window level. On zooming in we noticed on the bottom, inside an arch, there was a lady and what appears to be a little girl, too.”

“Neither of us are ghost hunters but we do wonder if this could be the Grey Lady ghost, the picture is quite clear.”

The castle Dudley was built in 1071, and is believed to be the most haunted castle in England.
The Grey Lady is said to be the spirit of Dorothy Beaumont, who died, along with her baby, shortly after childbirth.

As she lay dying, Dorothy asked for two things. She wanted to be buried next to her daughter and for her husband to attend the funeral.

Because neither happened, she is condemned to wander the castle and its grounds forever. Her favourite haunts seem to be the castle keep and Grey Lady Tavern.

Jill Hitchman, head of media at Dudley Zoo, which is in the castle grounds, referred to the picture which was taken August 30, “There have been many stories about ghostly figures and happenings associated with the castle.”

“This image is incredible because it was taken from the top of the castle on a mobile phone camera and still manages to pick out the outline of what seems to be a female figure.”

Nick Duffy, leading light in West Midlands Ghost Club, said: “It is a nice photograph. It is a credible photograph in comparison to a lot you do see. Time and again, we have been sent blatantly faked photographs.”




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October 2014

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