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November 2019 #2

H: aaa darlin’ – you’re up.

Me: You look frazzeled.

H: (wry) You’re too kind. How are you feeling?

Me: (I appear to be still in my shift on the sofa under a quilt or two. I flail upright.) I’m alright.

H: Hm. Forgive me if that is less than inspiring. (Puts his hand on my forehead) Your fever’s down.

Me: I don’t have a fever!

H: I beg to differ. Do you want coffee?

Me: Yes please. …Did you travel to see M & L in the end? (The last I’d talked to him he’d been set to visit them.)

H: (smiling) aa I did; my health postponed the trip – I travelled in late June.

Me: How long did you stay?

H: A week.

Me: Was it good?

H: Yes it was. (handing me coffee) Here.

Me: Thank you. …  Where will you be for Thanksgiving?

H: With my family.

Me: Your parents or Uncle John?

H: I believe it will be Uncle John’s.

Me: How are your family?

H: O, well. Beset by the usual domestic dramas, but nothing untoward.

Me: And you?

H: (very long pause) … It’s been quiet.

Me: … (wretched) I am sorry, H.

H: … (sighing and then coming over to kiss me on the forehead) You’re forgiven. Now let that be the last of it.

Me: How are the cats?

H: (smiling) Their usual rambunctious selves.

Me: I have both of my cats back with me now – Tiresias and Captain Flint.

H: Do they rub along?

Me: Mostly. They don’t curl up and wash each other but they don’t fight either. (poking absently at my shoulders) Ow…

H: Aching muscles? And you claim to not have fever.

Me: I don’t! Not in the world anyway, but apparently I do in the Stormlands. I looked at my notes – half of them were a babbling mess which is weird because I swear they made sense at the time. What happened when I first turned up?

H: … There was a light outside like a lightning flash. You were in the snow by the porch in your shift. I brought you in. You weren’t lucid for much of the time. You said you were fine, said you were sorry. Then you fainted and stopped breathing.

Me: Huh. That’s a bit dramatic, even for me.

H: You came back to yourself for a time and then you slept the whole day.

Me: Wait – what – I was still here?

H: aa yes. You awoke the next night, burning with fever. … And your heart stopped.

Me: The fuck?! I take it back – that’s stupid dramatic. So that’s why you were shouting at me in the notes.

H: I tried to give you strength as you do for me. aaa… it worked. But after that you were terrified of something – a darkness. You spoke of falling and drowning. It was all I could do to calm you. You left abruptly – vanished. You returned a while later, still incoherent and shivering and I put you to bed. You slept a day and a half.

Me: Here?

H: Yes.

Me: And that brings us to this morning then?

H: Yes.

Me: How the hell is part of me managing to stay here asleep? It doesn’t make any sense.

H: Aa I don’t know.

(The next time we talked things appeared to be back to normal. Apparently being out of practice with necromancy but more… death touched? than usual has weird consequences. I don’t really know and I certainly don’t care, I’m just relieved H will still talk to me – I honestly thought he’d feel too betrayed to.)

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
November 2019 #2

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