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November 2014

Samuel Kent
Exorcism secretly filmed thru key hole

Exorcism secretly filmed

An exorcism in the Czech Republic, was secretly filmed through the keyhole of a church door and has been confirmed by church officials as genuine.

The eerie film reportedly shows a woman that is said to be possessed by the devil and can be heard screaming as a religious ‘cleansing ritual’ is performed.

This exorcism was carried out in a Roman Catholic Church in the city of Vranov nad Dyji, Czech Republic which was secretly filmed, then posted to YouTube.

Filmed by Daniel Trochta, who described to local media how he sneaked up to the door upon hearing screams, and film the secret ritual through a keyhole in the church door.

After recording the event for almost two-minute he returned home and posted the video. In the video it shows a group of people standing in front of the church’s altar, while a woman is heard screaming, crying and swearing.

The video was originally posted on YouTube back in February, but went largely ignored until this week when the church confirmed that it was genuine.

Catholic Church priest Marek Dunda

The exorcism was performed by Catholic Church priest Marek Dunda, who has confirmed that the alleged exorcism was in fact genuine, but declined to comment further saying, “If something is filmed through a keyhole, there is nothing more to say about it.”

He said he couldn’t comment about what exactly happened beyond the door saying, “We were asking God to protect and to liberate this person. We used a Latin prayer asking for a help. Of course it helps.”

The woman being exorcised identity is being kept secret and he would not commenting on her condition.

Locals are unhappy that the exorcism ritual was carried out in their church, with Iveta Pecharova saying, “I don’t agree with it. It has happened more than once and the noise has been heard very far from the church.”

Marie Brozkova added, “I am a believer, I go to church and I believe that if our priest does it then it must be right.”



Langsmeade House in Thame ghost

Nannies Ghost seen in Oxfordshire

The ghost of a nanny who is said to have let a child in her care die when he fell from a tree has been photographed.

During a ghost tour of the historic area, an outline of her spirit is thought to have been captured in an eerie photograph of

The Langsmeade House in Thame, which was built in 1924, is now a Bed and Breakfast that has numerous claims for guest of paranormal activity. The ghost hunting websites list the house as a hotbed of activity where guests have said they heard footsteps and ghosts ‘clearing their throats’.

Michelle Morris was helping with a paranormal investigation in the house on Halloween when she heard something upstairs.

The 42-year-old Michelle said, “I was outside with a group of guests and we were investigating the grounds.”

“When we decided to head towards the house and then I looked up and saw a lot of activity on the top floor.

“That’s when I started taking photos as I knew it was something was happening.”

“Another member of the group says he heard a child whisper in his ear, “I fell out a tree.”

Marianne Aben, the property owner, said she has witnessed paranormal activity in the house but has never heard of the nanny’s death.

“I have lived in Langsmeade House since January 1988, the record holder of all the residents since 1924 when the house was built.” she added.

“There are definitely unexplainable happenings, but I have not heard of a nanny and a dead child falling from a tree.”

“I have searched for the names of all the previous owners and only the first one who commissioned the building at the time, could not be traced. If any fatal accident has happened here, then it must have been in the first three years of this house’s existence,” she said.


Saint Hilarion Castle ghost

Ghost seen at Saint Hilarion Castle

Michael Holmes, 62, from Fox Way, Buckingham, was on holiday last month in Northern Cyprus along with his wife Wendy, 51 where they visited The Saint Hilarion Castle.

During the visit he took many snaps shots of the mountainside castle but never seen the white ghostly image until looking at them later.

Mr. Holms said, “The mountain is 700 metres high with beautiful views, and it looks like the figure is on the viewing platform.”

Saint Hilarion Castle ghost

“The castle used to be ruled by Prince John, and any traitors would be thrown to their deaths from that part of the mountain. If it is a ghost then I reckon is him.”

Adding, “When I got home to England and first looked at the photos I thought it was light reflecting on one picture. But then I saw the same figure on three different shots, all from different angles.”

“I have never believed in ghosts before, but my wife does believe and even she is bemused about what it could be. I now believe that it’s a ghost.”

Saint Hilarion Castle ghost

“Some people have said it’s Photoshopped but I don’t even have Photoshop, let alone know how to use it, I’ve even got the original camera card and the pictures are still on there, it’s just bizarre, you can see arms and legs and it definitely wasn’t there when we took the picture.”

“They do say that the camera picks up what the eye never can.”

Saint Hilarion’s Prince John Tower, is located on a cliff over looking the lower castle where it has stunning view of the northern coast of Cyprus.

Mr Holmes has been contacted by a newspaper in Cyprus who heard about his pictures and want to investigate.

When ask if he’d go back there he said, “I would definitely go back, my sister is still there and we have told her about it, but she’s just got married so I don’t know if she’ll do the trip.”

“I heard that Saint Hilarion is listed on Trip Advisor as a haunted place so it can’t just be us.”

“It is such a bizarre picture, and if anyone can tell me what it is, and that it isn’t a ghost then please by my guest.”

Bob Large with ghost

Ghost photographed next to dying grandfather

Bob Large, 76, was in hospital suffering bladder cancer and kidney failure with just days to live when this picture was taken.

The image shows an image of a ghost next to the dying grandfather as a vicar sat next to him praying.

Bob’s grandson, Chris Leadbetter, took the photo while visiting him, and when he quizzed hospital staff, they said that “lots of patients see her at the end of their beds.”

The ward manager at the Countess Of Chester Hospital described the spirit as a long-haired blonde girl in a white gown, similar to the one pictured.

Chris, 20, said; “When I looked at the picture my hairs just stood up on me. I was so freaked out. I saw the picture late at night so I went and woke the rest of my family up straight away.”

“Everyone in the family was shocked. They couldn’t believe it.”

Adding; ‘A few people suggested it looked like a reflection but there is literally nothing for it to reflect off.”

Mr. Large said, “The picture is of my guardian angel. I’ve been in that hospital, on the same ward so many times.”

“The vicar always comes in and says prayers and then goes and I always feel much better. Every time I feel like there is a presence in the room.”

“I’ve just got a feeling that whoever it is, is watching over me. This is the first time I’ve actually seen her but I’ve had the feeling she’s been there a while.”

“It’s the strangest thing. I can’t explain it. I’ll be lying there feeling very ill. Then I’ll get the feeling of the presence. Then I’ll suddenly feel much better and I can sit up.”

“The face looks very familiar to me, but I don’t think it’s anyone I know. I think I just recognize the presence.”

Chris said, “My gran told the ward manager she needed to speak to him about something and the second she said she had a picture of a ghost he described it perfectly.”

“He says it’d not the first time the ghost had been seen. One patient was screaming in the night because it was at the end of her bed.”

Bob is home now home recovering, and has told doctors and nurses that the figure in the photo is his guardian angel.

His wife, Shelia Large, said, “The picture is the talk of the town. Bob is telling everyone.”

“He said it was his guardian angel. After that picture was taken he slept for the whole night. The best he has slept in a long time. He thinks it was because of the angel.”

“He’s telling all the nurses and doctors who come to visit him that someone is looking out for him.”

Staff working at the old 1829 hospital building, which was formerly the County Lunatic Asylum, Cheshire, have reported a number of mysterious sightings.

Numerous patients died in the old asylum, where they were chained up and restrained in strait-jackets while others were tied to their beds with belts.



Larundel Asylum

Ghost filmed at Larundel Asylum

Kristy Jane Dean, 32, went ghost hunting after learning that the old Larundel Asylum in Bundoora, Victoria, Australia was built on an ancient Aboriginal burial ground.

Kristy, a hairdresser, believes she has captured photographic evidence of the supernatural.

This is because she has captures video footage, showing a white apparition flying directly across a hallway, in front of her camera.

Ms Dean, 32, from Melbourne, Australia, said she decided to begin investigating the Larundel Asylum in Bundoora, Victoria, after she learned about the ancient burial ground.

“After hearing all the scary stories and because I live so close, I decided to see if there really were ghosts in this spooky place,” she said.

“But I never go alone, there is always at least myself and a mate. I am terrified during our hunts, but at same time I love it,” she quickly added.

“In the photos you can see shadow figures, unexplained mists and flying orbs, which I believe to be spirits.”

“In some images I took in the shadows, it’s easy to see faces, and then in couple of shots a full-on person or figure is clearly visible.”

Larundel Asylum was built in 1938 to house people suffering from mental health problems. It’s reputation quickly grew with stories of abuse, violence and suicide amongst inmates and staff.

The institution was home to notorious serial killer Peter Dupas, who was found guilty of brutally slaying three women and is suspected of murdering three others.

Finally closed in 1989, it is now soon to be demolished to make way for residential housing.

Kristy who is an avid paranormal hunter, spending her evenings and weekends on the hunt, explained why she loves ghost-hunting.

“I’ve always been fascinated with all things paranormal,” she said. “But I respect that I am dealing with forces that I don’t understand.”

“The guys all think I’m crazy and the girls can’t believe how brave I am.”

“I hope to prove to all sceptics that without a doubt the paranormal exists,” she added.




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November 2014

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