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Night Club Security Camera Captures Video of a Spectral FigureIn…

Night Club Security Camera Captures Video of a Spectral Figure

In July of 2015, a security camera at the Dreamwater Lounge in Warrington, England captured footage of a transparent figure manifesting in a lonely corridor. The figure glides down the hallway for a few seconds before it vanishes from sight.

The Liverpool Echo reports that the owner of the shipwrecked themed bar, Simon Ellison, said the video was leaked online, and that it has been heavily edited. “There is something there,” Simon said. “moving along the rope bridge, but a lot of it has clearly been added.” Aside from the ghostly figure, everything else in the video, including the shakiness and the heads-up display, were supposedly added to the video before being leaked online.

For one it is CCTV.” Simon said. “It records all the time, not just because there is motion. Also it has a battery symbol in the corner and our CCTV runs from the mains. And the camera shaking is a nice touch. I am not sure what the moving figure is. Everyone has different ideas. Some say it is a woman, I have even seen people say they think it is someone on a horse. That makes me laugh because if you could see that bridge you would know you could never get a horse down there.

Despite the exaggerated edits, the footage has caught the attention of paranormal enthusiasts. Simon has since had numerous ghost hunters from all across the globe requesting permission to investigate the bar.

Many believe the entire video is fake. Skeptics find the figure’s lack of fluid motion to be a red flag. What do you think? Does this footage show an actual spirit? Or is it indeed a hoax?

Source: My Haunted Salem

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Night Club Security Camera Captures Video of a Spectral FigureIn…

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