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New House, New 'Friends'

mimmiieux submitted:

When I was sixteen, my mother and my two brothers and I had to leave our house in Chicago, Illinois. My grandparents, who live all the way out in Arizona, let us move in with them, since we had nowhere else to go at the time.

The first time I set foot into my new room, I had this uneasy feeling, and it felt as if I was being suffocated. Dismissing it as anxiety, I tried not to think anything more of it. That night, it was absolutely impossible for me to go to sleep. Something ‘wasn’t right’, for lack of better description. There was this pressure in the room and I was certain there was someone in the room with me, watching me.
It was like this every night since then. But around a week later, I started waking up with bruises on me. I do not toss and turn in my sleep, nor is there anything for me to hit myself on. One night, when I was trying to sleep, I felt another weight being added to my bed. I had first thought it to be one of my brothers, and was about to address them when I realized, my bedroom door hadn’t opened. At all. Turning over despite this feeling telling me not to, I saw I wasn’t alone in my bed, afterall. This figure was too tall to be anyone in the house, not to mention everyone was definitely asleep. Turning back over, I tried to fall back asleep.

Skipping ahead a few years, I was given a kitten as a graduation present. And I had a friend staying the night, Rae. She slept on the floor, while I was in my bed. She scolded my cat for playing with her hair, as he often did, he’s a kitten. That’s what they do. She went white when I told her he was sleeping on the pillow next to me.
One night, a few months later, had me scared the most. I got brave and challenged whatever this thing is, but it backfired on me. My cat stopped breathing, and he was not responding at all to my efforts otherwise. I recanted immediately, and my cat was fine the next morning, but he refused to be left alone after that.

Whatever is in my house, though it seems to reside in my room, it does not like it when I have company over. It gets violent, it tried to choke my friend when she got up to use the bathroom, if I have a friend sleeping over, both of us wake up with bruises and scratch marks. There’s tapping on the walls, shadows are more frequent, and footsteps are heard on the stairs if my guests and I are in the living room.
My cat is always watching something, I see tell because it seems he’s always focused on something, and his eyes follow it. There isn’t anything ever there when I look, though. And before we had the carpets replaced, we discovered that my bed was situated over of a massive bloodstain that looked like someone tried to use bleach to clean up.

I’m twenty-two now, and this has not stopped. I still feel it in my room, I still see the shadows, I go to sleep feeling like someone is in bed with me, and it still feels like something is watching me, no matter what room I’m in.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 7/10 Time to move.  Thanks for sharing the scares!




by cnkguy
New House, New 'Friends'

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