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New avatar picture again!

Hey guys mod Gracie here i don’t know if you guys noticed but we changed the avatar picture again this time as something that is from when i was in school a game i used to play that was weird and creepy. 

Anyway Mod James and I thought it would fun to change it during the giveaway with scary things. and also as a way for you guys to earn extra entries. The first person to guess what or where the new avatar is from wins. Just send us a message with your answer and I’ll announce the winner. Good luck!  

also if you don’t notice the change on your mobile app you can usually see it if you click the avatar.

And it’s over over I got two winners! Congratulations to @kawajen and @samoansif! You both guessed it right! It was The Secret Island of Dr.Quandary I remember playing that game a whole bunch in elementary school it was fun and weird, and when I was done with that I would just mess around in kidpix. Anyway thanks for playing guys!
Mod Gracie~



by cnkguy
New avatar picture again!

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