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Necromantic (kinda?) PSA

You don’t care (that’s okay) but my Mac – of more years than she ought to exist – finally fell over 95% of the way into tech Oblivion. She’s not utterly dead, just… a bit very Undead. 

I have been gifted a new Mac by someone infinitely kind. And am now trying to do techno-necromancy on a new operating system. (Well, it’s still better than the last few weeks on a shattered-screen iPhone.) All I mean is, I have not been able to look up stuff recently for talesofnecromancy, but now I have a computer I hope I shall be able to find more varied content for followers =)

I have also been talking to H when I can and it would appear that things have not been going as calmly as I would like in the Storm Lands. I haven’t decided yet whether to start typing up conversations again or not – I guess send a note or something if you want to hear more conversations with H?

Source: Tales of Necromancy

by cnkguy
Necromantic (kinda?) PSA

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